Grues migration

Do SF people ever find ickle babies that have been dropped by grues as they fly South?

It must be hard to squawk with a bundle of baby in your beak, so I imagine there must be the occasional premature delivery en route.

Any little precious bundles turn up unexpectedly in the Midi or over the Pyrénées ?

Peter you must be thinking of the Stork myth, not Cranes (Grues).
Anyhow, haven’t found any here in Burgundy, haven’t seen any Storks filling by, plenty of Cranes tho.

Pity that, Wozza, must admit it was a bit corny, tho’ :thinking::toilet::roll_eyes:

Just a bit corny’ good to see you back mate. Life on this forum is better with you & your out of box thinking. Best wishes


@Wozza: " out of the box …"

Thanks Wozza, mate. I was in that box about 3 weeks, feel better for getting out again. Bit lonely in there with nobody to chat to, silly old sod! :smiley:


Lots in Alsace and Baden-Württemberg and also in Spain, where I have seen lots in the north-east. Sometimes the people give them a special roof platform for nesting, or a cartwheel on a pole.


We had thousands over the house a few days ago. It was a clear sunny day( not many of those recently) .We are in North Charente. I think these birds are going to the Landes, south of Bordeaux.
Its a wonderful site.

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We are in a clearing in the Foret de Double which creates a thermal so they use the warm air to rest and circle around before reforming their skeins.


Absolutely made my day… driving down through France yesterday, we say a few cranes circling way up high… lost sight of them and felt so sad not to be able to stop and marvel at them.

However, many hours later we stood outside our house and watched “our pals” sweeping southwards in their usual v-shape with just the odd stragglers weaving about behind …

So good to be home :hugs:


Just seen and heard a spearhead of grus going south :frowning:

I hope to see them soon - when they fly North I switch to wearing shorts - when they fly south I switch back to long trousers - and its getting pretty nippy!

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Wonderful :grin: It’s just magical when they are flying over.

4 degrees at 8am tomorrow morning in this part of Lot-et-Garonne. So not surprised they are now on the move.

Here in 86 Vienne I saw my first Grues of the year yesterday afternoon - about 150 pathfinders. They are about 3 weeks earlier than last year. I wonder if this heralds a cold winter?

I hope so - we could do with some of the bugs killed off. Mild wet winters are not good news.

We’ve seen various lots flying over, these last few days… absolutely magical.