Guepe control

The ladders were positioned earlier in the day and secured soundly. I also had a neighbour footing the bottom of the ladders, for Justin.

I’m about to turn 70 Years, and confess that I’m increasingly uneasy about the prospect of climbing ladders, but when needs must…

Well I am 81 but it was only last year that I stopped my annual August job of walking up the roof to clean the chimney downwards. Since then, although we no longer use the fire but it is there if the leccy fails, I get a man in. A once a year cost of around €80. :grinning:

That get up reminds me of our lads ppe before i started 20 yrs ago :slight_smile:
new nest in old nest

Managed to track down the photo of the earlier mentioned interesting nest for all you budding pestied

I’m a bit surprised at that, most nests are golf-tennis ball size nests. Great suit though!!

The nest filled the alcove in the wall, so I’m guessing at least a foot high, 6"- 7" wide, and maybe 6" deep? I know memories can be unreliable, but they were most definitely much larger than a tennis ball - next time I’m up there I’ll take a tape measure.

The nest at the top of the walnut tree two years later was a similarish size, but then again they both had a large bee colony only a minute or two away at most to support them. The Maire did say that they were the largest nests that he had seen in both cases. Then again, we do like our grub in the Perigord.

I didn’t take any other photo’s unfortunately.

That very first AH hive was considerably smaller.

Our neighbour had a huge nest at the top of one of his trees, must have been around 3ft x 2ft?

Not this year though!

Wasps and hornets ‘grow a new’ nest every year. They’re all just starting out at the moment.

Ahh now I follow, we are talking current season and not end of previous year mature nest? I thought, based on what was being said that it might have been a different creatures nest.