Heating Grants

I’ve been told that there are grants available for people to install central heating. I’m particularly interested in Air Source Heat Pumps. Can anyone tell me where to go to find out more about possible grants? (Sorry if this has been asked before).

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The articles on the subject here are useful.

There are certainly grants available for people changing from e.g oil central heating to air source heat pumps @Harriet_Devine but we don’t have central heating of any description and when I investigated, it seemed that it’s only exchanging one system for another that there are grants for, not installing onewhen you have nothing before! However, the grant situation keeps changing so it’s always worth double checking…

There may be something of interest in this reference from lettre Service-Public 16 septembre 2021

Original in French but English version selected.

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The installers will have info, there is I believe a grant now, because we are expecting some money back next year for our recently installed air to air heater.

The one we had installed a few years ago did not attract a grant because of the fact that it can be reversed to become an air conditioner in summer time, and there were (unbelievably in France where many people have died from heat in various canicules) no grants for aircon. This has now changed.

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I’m starting a new job tomorrow where I’ll be in charge of informing people on these very government grants and helping work out what you’re allowed.
My wife actually works there too and she’s in charge of doing the paper work for you once we’ve worked out what you need. She makes sure the state pays you.

The company is called new wave energies in Limoges and, as I said, I’m just starting tomorrow in training, so I need to learn the ropes but I’ll be in charge of all English speaking inquiries, being an Englishman myself!

I’d be happy to help out however I can! This will be great practice for me and I’ll do whatever I can to answer all of your questions.

My phone number is 07 55 05 35 81

And my email : alex.lawrence117@gmail.com

Send me any questions you have or give me a ring so we can talk about it.

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So Alexander yours is one of the Companies I get annoying phone calls from. And a tip, PM your personal details as any one can read this.

Thanks for the helpful replies. I’ve been out all day - will follow links tomorrow

Funnily enough David, I used to suffer from the same malaise, but since I never answer the landline anymore, unless I see a familiar name on the screen, these calls have dropped to a trickle. :laughing:

However, the call from Kyle (one of Alexander’s predecessors) at New Wave just happened to arrive as I was realising that health and convenience could no longer be well served by feeding a wood fire, so I was ripe for the picking. :wink:

And pleased I am that I was. Also I have already advised him of your advice re public IDs in the Butane thread. :smiley:

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David we are like you and do not pick up unless knowing the number. Unlike you there has been no reduction in calls. Yes we have availed ourselves of a number of the Government offers but always approach Companies used by friends and neighbours who are satisfied. Plus the recommendee usually gets 50euros.

I’ll try to find a link or reference but the FAIRE guidance on different bands of support depending on income clearly had one line for “removal of boiler” and another for “installing heat Pump”

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Info here if you are replacing new (more efficient/greener) for old (less efficient).

Thanks Paul

Hiya, I was also attracted by an advert promising low(ish) cost Heat Pump installation with generous government grants.

It still sounded good when I phoned up to talk about the details of installation costs and benefits available.

However, when I actually had the chap come round, he explained that the pump we would need would cost around twice the amount I had been told on the phone (they systematically offer low quality and underestimate the specs apparently) and we would be entitled to about half the amount of aid they had said.

All in all, it would cost a small fortune, they would take monthly payments equal to a proportion of our current gas costs over a period of nearly 15 years to cover the cost and we would still have to top up with extra electrical heating to ensure comfort.

The payback was in no way worth the outlay, especially considering that the pump may reach the end of its life by the time we would have paid for it!!

So, it depends on your situation but I would recommend extreme caution. Also as there are clearly a large number of fraudulent people / companies cashing in on the advertised government subsidies to scam people.

Proceed with caution!! Ask lots of questions, check and double check, only go with proven reputable companies and heat pump suppliers…

Good evening!


Thanks for this Danielle. Good to know this

Sounds a bit like my decision not to fit solar panels years ago. I worked out that I would probably be dead before I made a profit on the outlay.

Mind you, I didn’t know I was going to live this long. :roll_eyes:

Happy with the 2 air to air heat pumps in our small house though, around €4,000 each and the latest one should attract a rebate next year. They can be reversed to become aircons in summer, a big advantage, but the reason why the first one wasn’t granted.