Help! Information regarding health charges please?

Thank you. I am very sorry about your wife. Like her I have faith and I know I am supported at the moment by a lot of prayer.

Strangely we had already joined the CSF to help the group financially .never imagining 10 weeks later I might need their help myself.

I will continue asking my questions so I find the answers for the future but I am certain my treatment will be the best!

My memory serves that when my late wife had cancer here in France everything, including taxi fares, was paid 100%, even before her Carte Vitale came through. Thus her treatment in France was started the very week we arrive here ten years ago. I can't remember putting money up front but maybe things have changed. i suggest you contact Cancer Support France- they are a great resource at many levels. I can only praise the treatment and attention my wife received. Unfortunately she did not survive but time has moved on and many more treatments are available. In addition every case is different. If you are religious, as my wife was, Pray, Hope and Don't Worry.

Do you have a local CPAM office? I was confused by reimbursements and payments so called in. The ladies were very helpful and explained it all. The secretary at Allianz (my mutuelle) has also been helpful. She took all the notices of reimbursement from CPAM and checked on their computer to make sure I had received all the money that was due to me.

Thank you for replying but no,it is not quite the same. I have always been refunded your way before but this time is apparently different and what I am hoping is that one of the SFN readers will know what I have to do(if anything is possible) to avoid large depassments on future treatments. My confusion is also in having received the 100%for the cancer treatment, I still had to pay!

However, I would like to stress that I am not complaining about the system,just confused by it. The treatment I have just received was faultless,just 6 weeks from the original mammogram to Mondays removal of the cancer. We won't know for another 15 days when everything has been further analysed what other treatment maybe required, but certainly I have been given the best possible recovery chances.

This maybe a good moment to remind all female readers to take up the mammogram,offered by Orchidee because I had nothing on the outside to be seen and would certainly not have identified the problem myself.

I am not sure if it is the same, but after a knee operation my wife needed physiotherapy. The hospital gave a prescription but she had to organise the treatment with a local clinic herself. At the end of the treatment she had to pay, a total of €200. She paid by cheque and the reimbursement from CPAM and our mutuelle was paid into our bank account before the cheque was debited.

Hi Karen I am sorry I can not answer your question, I would like to wish you a full and speedy recovery

Perhaps you could ask your mutuelle I am sure they will have had similar situations to yours.

good luck