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When I was in gainful employment, working to rule was frowned on by all those except by those doing it. Just because you are sticking to the rules, doesn’t mean you are immune to the virus.

As a comparison, if very dangerous wild animals were patrolling around your property, but the government said you could go out if you wanted to, would you?? Or wait until they had gone??

As I signed off my last post, stay safe. I’ll also add “Good Luck”.

That’s a pretty fallacious argument,

In the unlikely event there was a polar bear at our garden gate I would of course stay well away as since I don’t have a gun it would be very likely to kill me. The average death rate from Covid is something like 3%, and in my case because of existing illness slightly higher. But still less than a polar bear.

As adults we can all assess our own acceptable risks. As a members of a community we all have a responsibility to others. So we each have to balance out these potentially conflicting issues.


I’d be hanging out of a window chucking food at it :heart_eyes:


By remaining cautious, your contribution toward the average death rate is nil.

As regards to polar bears, if the ice keeps melting . . .

In an automated world that is possibly true…but we still have to eat, and not huge variety in veg garden in December. I have hospital appointments, and regular blood tests. Other people are unable to télétravail so have to go to work. Therefore it is impossible to reduce risks to 0 (and increased suicide rate over past year suggests it wouldn’t be 0 anyway).

One does one’s best, to stay healthy and to stay sane.

What I’ve been trying to say all along is . . . if you don’t have to, don’t.

If you want to and do, don’t complain afterwards.

End message

Who’s complaining? Not the person doing it, certainly.


me too! idiot that I am!

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You’d both throw cute little baby seals out of your window to be gobbled up by a polar bear…?

Don’t have any of those in my fridge. I could throw a nasty baby-seal-clubber-to-death though, not that I have any of those either.

I guess I could suggest some stand-ins that I could happily accept being accidently fed to polar bears…

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