Hosting/domain name registration in France

Peter, the EU are not being “petty” - we are simply finding out what it means to no longer be a member state.

Sorry but we’re only two weeks in and I’m already tired of the “the EU is being petty/unfair/unreasonable” for simply imposing on the UK the rules which it imposes on all other non-members and the inaccurate reporting that is resulting.


As far as I know there are no restrictions on .UK addresses for non residents.

I have a number of .UK domains names registered and don’t have a problem with that.

That’s interesting Grahame. Does your registration host have your address in France?

You can always move the registered address of a domain name (see recent press articles about Leave.EU) and you can always move a domain name from one supplier to another.

The registrars for .eu .fr etc aren’t being “petty” they are just make sure that the domain name reflects the geographic location of the business/individual. Something that the UK registrars have never been bothered about.

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Yes indeed - That’s why I’m looking at other registration channels.


A bit of variety Peter… FT rather than Guardian :slightly_smiling_face: I think it’s a good article and will probably add the book to my reading backlog.

Philip Stephens is one of an excellent slew of writers on the FT, my extravagance is a premier digital subscription as it is the best UK paper for a lot more than just business news and comment. He is an arch Remainer and critics of the prevalent little Englander era in the UK. His new book is " Britain Alone, The Path from Suez to Brexit". Reviewed and as to be expected heavily criticised by Robert Tombs Professor of French History at Cambridge,…an ardent Brexiteer!
I’ve just finished “The Powerful and The Damned…Private Diaries in Turbulent Times” by Lionel Barber the just retired Editor of FT…after 15 years . A well recommended and fascinating read.

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I also like the nodding tribute to René Magritte in the graphic.

It seems that the EU disagrees in this case:

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oupsy daisy :slightly_smiling_face:
not so much cake and eat it as humble pie and egg on face :grin:

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In actual fact the reason that the domain name has been suspended is that the person that is registered to says he has no connection with and doesn’t know how the domain was registered in his name.

Any person/business/organisation resident/registered in an EU country can register a .eu email address. There are people who act as agents/proxies for just that purpose.

I have .eu domains registered in my name for organisations/business in the UK and that is perfectly legal.

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