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Re: “I recently took Mum to town…” @Misty36140

It sounds an ordeal for you and your Mum, Ann. I’m rather surprised myself at the clear lack of access or facilities for people with disabilities/reduced mobility here in France.

Although there are public toilets in our town, none of them permit wheelchair access, and wheelchairs are notable for their absence. Old people use walking canes and there seem to be lots who use those hiking poles with rubber pieds to help with their mobility around town. Here, I’ve only seen one of the monstrous electric ‘scooters’ that whizz round the pavements and supermarket aisles in UK, mainly used by people who look too fat to walk, rather than amputees, arthritics or those with neurological disorders.

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Holidays can be tricky too, we usually book through Gite de France because their standards for disabled people are high. However, we usually contact the tourist offices of the places we will be visiting for a list of accessable toilets. Lots of advance planning only to find on arrival that in some places the toilets are open only during July and August :rage:
Can be very distressing for mum because she can’t use any other toilet, so we have had to ask in various bars shops etc; if they have a toilet. In one instance my French partner had to carry her into a toilet, leave me with her, I had to support mum’s weight while at the same time trying to help with clothes :dizzy_face:
Of course she isn’t the only one with these problems and there has been some progress, but not nearly enough. The lack of aid is another problem. All things for disabled people are expensive, just take a look at the prices of wheelchairs for instance and walking aids.
Having said all of that, she has had much better health care here in France than she ever received in the UK and that believe me is an absolute bonus and we are truly grateful :hugs: