How much of your shopping do you get from the UK or outside of France?

We ordered a cooker from 3 Suisses on line and it turned up, as promised. We have not used it yet as Jim is in the process of finishing off building the kitchen.

We have ordered a dish-washer, fridge-freezr and micro-wave from C Discount, delivery is supposed to be on Wednesday morning.

By buying these in France, you have a valid guarantee.

I have just ordered towels from 3 Suisses, with free delivery.

Our duvets are coming from John Lewis, because they are breathable, but not too expensive and the delivery is £7.50.

We have ordered all these items on-line because it is too expensive to go and buy them in-store and we need the space in the car for other items when we go back to UK to see our new granchild(not sure if girl or boy) inApril.

I have just ordered three bed-frames and three Sealy mattresses from Bedworld in UK. They are very competitive and if you go to Quidco and set up an account and then place the order through them, you get an extra 7% off. I found it difficult to order all these items at the same time, as the bed frames kept coming in and out of stock. The other thing is that they don't take UK credit cards registered to a french address. We got round this by ringing the bank and they put the transaction through manually for us. If you have family or friends who can order these for you to be shipped out to France, you can then pay them back. I am using Europe Remove for the shipping. £340.00 for shipping to Southern Burgundy, which makes the whole transaction very worthwhile. Bedworld also have a very good range of bed frames, classical and simple wooden, not like the awful ultra-modern stuff you find in France.

We will be buying our bedlinen from Dunelm Mill, 400 thread count hotel quality and arranging to pick them up in store whilst we are in UK.

I had my kindle sent to my daughter in UK, because I was seeing her in Austria shortly after. This enables me to buy e-books from the english site and I do not get the american english version of the books I want to read.

There is no doubt that you can save money by buying in UK, Lakeland, M & S, John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser all have very reasonable delivery charges to France.

all noted!

It's scary how much is cheaper outside France - kids clothes and shoes are so much better value in the UK - we always pay a visit to Clarks for decent shoes and various outlets for the kids clothes. We are seriously considering buying more stuff now, having it sent to my parents then using Parcels Please who transport it from mum and dads house to here for £15 for 20kg. I think it will save a fortune, just need to get organised!

I buy everything here in France but after reading what you've said Glen I think I'll try and shop around a bit from now on. The only thing I can think of are the odd cycling components I've bought online which often came from German internet bikeshops using a french site! interesting too about the tyres, what sort of prices are you talking about, I replaced 4 195/65 x 15 fitted, balanced, valves etc for 220 euros (hankook but could have had michelin or goodyear for slightly more) not long ago and a few years before that it was about the same for 205/65 x 16s on offer.