How much palm oil do you consume? - Update

So hot topic is Palm Oil - there is no such thing as responsible palm oil - it is all destructive - we need to stop it now before its too late

here a link to help you identify what is made from Palm Oil - are they in your products??

I can only speak for cosmetics companies but they all still use it

Neal’s Yard
Body Shop
Avon etc etc etc

Vote with your wallets

Interesting that you mention Lush. I used to work for them and they seemed fanatically opposed to any non eco ingredients. Even their fruit or veg based body scrubs were made with fresh organic produce.

some of us probably consume more than we knew…

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They are as they say “Trying hard” but cannot stop it in many ingredients they buy from third party producers.

They put out many official statements but they are in no way Palm Oil free

" *With our products and formulations, changing the base and the way they foam can change the way the product functions and we have to consider the customer demand and what they expect from our products. So right now we understand that not having full traceability isn’t the best – but unlike a lot of other companies we are desperately trying to improve, reformulate, trial and reformulate again. It’s a much longer process than it seems, but behind the scenes we are working like busy busy bees trying to make ourselves 100% palm free and aim for this within the next couple of years.”

We are a couple of years down the line since this statement and not a great deal has changed


That’s why we are trying to find all the tools for people to make informed choices about what they use.

I had to hold my breath when I passed tgeir shop,in the arcade in Cheltenham or I would have had an asthma attack!

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Palm Oil is essential in milk products for babies… so it seems… :thinking:

Isn’t it in Nutella? Haven’t got any to check.

Yes, Nutella does contain Palm Oil… but the makers claim it comes from sustainable sources… :thinking:

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We avoid everything with palm oil, hydrogenated vegetable fats etc etc, luckily there are 6 of us to read the small print on the labels. Babies should drink human milk. .


yes… but when that is not possible… an alternative is needed… :relaxed:

Yes but the number of cases is really tiny, so ewe’s milk, goats’ milk, even the hospital milk bank would be better.
If dining with mrs ex Danone we should use a long spoon.

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I’m not sure that the number of mothers who cannot breastfeed their baby… is actually tiny…

but, it certainly exists… and all sorts of alternatives are available… as you say… although I am not sure which of them is best for baby… :thinking:

My grandfather and his brothers had a wetnurse, their mother didn’t feed them, but that was just what you did in the 1920s if you had the means. My greatgrandmother wanted to get back to her bridge/riding/tennis/parties.
There is a huge amount of negative hooha about feeding babies, a lot of it put about by agribusiness multinationals surfing the hygienist dr knows best wave of the 50s and 60s I think.

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I think one of the biggest causes of breast feeding dwindling is the fast turnover from the hospital. I stayed in 5 days after my son was born and was well supported with feeding. Also the midwife visited everyday for 2 weeks and really helped.
Many women think that as it’s ‘natural’ to breast feed they should just be able to do it. Like any skill it takes practice and you have to work at it. Obviously there will always be women who cannot breast feed and they should not feel guilty or a failure in any way.

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Yes the oh it is natural line does rather imply it is easy.
Maybe it is for some, I thought it was utter misery for about a fortnight each time but persevered and miraculously on day 14 or so bingo it didn’t hurt any more and all was well and off we went for the next 18 months. Baby no. 5 took 3 weeks to get the hang of it, if she had been no. 1 I might not have kept going. There is no way I would have faffed about with bottles with a baby and a fulltime job.


Exactly. It takes about 10 to 14 days before it’s second nature. Unfortunately new mums don’t often get the necessary support for that long. Mine went from breast to cup, never used my bottles except for boiled water occasionally.


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I buy twinnings tea…which is down as a worst offender. But I can’t see how that could have any palm oil - what twinnings products are there that do? I know little apart from the tea…

They are owned by Associated British Foods which is behind a few other brands including Ovaltine, apparently.

But their publicity says they have been using sustainable sources since 2014.