Ian Hislop 'Remainers are entitled to go on making the argument'


(Jane Williamson) #41

As I have already said Shelley, our argument is not with those who thought before they voted.

It is far too soon to say what the result of any Leave might be, but there does appear to be a body of opinion that thinks that the Referendum is the final word, which it most definitely is not.

(Carol Lavinia Fraser) #42

Dear Me Diana, I take it you have not been watching the news this week. The PMI report gave a dire warning that the indice has dropped to to 47% the lowest since records began, the £ is at a 30 year low and Mark Carney's broadcast from the BoE was truly terrifying. The country is sliding inexorably into recession from which, if this madness does not stop, I will not see an end to in my lifetime.

All our trade deals which you glibly think we can manufacture around the world are currently EU based. Trade deals take years to set up. You can include the WTO in that. Tell me assuming the worst and the union breaks down who do you think will want to trade with a third world tin pot economy. Also what will we trade. Nissan warned yesterday that if the UK follows through with brexit it will move its plant to Europe. Ford made a similar announcement earlier in the week.

As for Hislop he is a highly intelligent respected journalist and he was telling it how it is. The opposition is very strong and getting stronger as people are realising they are losing EU funding which will ultimately mean their jobs.

Perhaps its time to remove your rose coloured glasses.

(David GAY) #43

Actually at the moment you are not a guest in either France or Cyprus (unless of course you live in occupied North Cyprus) you are exercising your right as a european citizen.

(Jane Williamson) #44

When asked my nationality I say that I am a British European and I will continue to do so.

(Chris Heron) #45

Hello All, I have just posted a new forum item on a legal challenge to Brexit by expats. Hislop is talking sense. Have a look and give me your opinion.

(Jane Williamson) #46

Absolutely. That is what Bill Cash and John Redwood have been doing for years.
No need to apologise James.
The tide is turning and as the song says,
“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”.
It is quite apparent to everybody but TM that her Chequers plan is not viable.
The Irish border question is not just a stumbling block, it is a Berlin Wall.

(David Wren) #47

Don’t kid yourself. The tide is not changing. The people instructed the government to get us out of the EU. Prime Minister May will present her “deal” to parliament. If parliament votes it down we will have a “no deal” and move to WTO rules. No deal is better than a bad deal. C’est ca.

(David Martin) #48

Is it really worth hurting the country just because you voted for something that you did not understand two and a half years ago? Have you learnt nothing in the meantime? Poor you.

(David Wren) #49

Change the record for heaven’s sake.

(David Martin) #50

Pot. Kettle.

(Jane Williamson) #51

Perhaps you would like to listen to the latest news.
MP’s are coming together to tell TM that they will vote against her proposal.
Sir Keir Starmer writes that threatening Parliament will not work.

(Timothy Cole) #52

Oh goody, another Brexit spat.:grinning:

(David Martin) #53

And more childish comments to go with it.

(Paul Flinders) #54

The people instructed the government to “Get out of the EU but keep all the benefits of being in” because that is what the Leave campaign said was possible.

So what do we do now that it turns out it is impossible to deliver the promise?

It seems the Leavers would like us to forget that they said it would all be simple, straightforward and as easy as falling off a log, ignore the ramifications of tearing to the Good Friday Agreement and take the country to hell in a hand cart.

(Timothy Cole) #55

A childish comment would have been ‘fight,fight,fight’.:grinning:

(Jane Williamson) #56

I don’'t understand, who is the child here?