If you were not British what other Nationaility would appeal to you and why?

France has been very good to me, but I would feel a bit of a fraud applying for citizenship because of my lack of ability in holding a conversation. But it still might be my best option.
Irish would be an obvious choice to maintain my European citizenship, but unfortunately my ancestors left the Emerald Isle too many generations back.
I would love to be Dutch. I would be 50cm. taller and answer every question with "You can… "

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At a recent meeting, it was mentioned that higher financial resources were necessary for those asking to be Naturalized in France after the sufficient number of years of Residency… and that there was no room for movement on the sums… :thinking: :roll_eyes: unlike with requests for CdS where there IS flexibility…

For any of you who are already married to a French citizen and who are applying for French nationality on that basis, I refer you to an official French government document which I posted some time ago and which I found very useful in defining the requirements - in French of course.

I hope you know about the US chasing its citizens for income tax, no matter where that income originates from. That’s why the UK’s current PM, who was born in NYC (I refuse to type neither the man’s name nor some derogatory, but highly appropiate sobriquet) recently renounced his US citizenship after getting a bloody big tax bill.

Completely in character and I imagine Trump would do the same if it was allowed.