Immo terms and conditions this OK?

Mmm… I would tell them point blank that I am not happy with that inclusion, since the Fees are not part of “my” responsibility.

Surely the Agent already has an Agreement re Fees signed by the Seller.

You could say… eg: I am a Serious Buyer. I am prepared to Buy and am happy to sign something to that effect but NOT with the “fees” stuff included.

Let’s face it, I’m not sure it is easy for either Seller or Buyer to default on a Purchase once the Promis is signed by both parties, which is surely in the Agent’s favour.

I’ve been chasing a Notaire for several weeks by phone/email. Today I made a personal visit. I showed the receptionist my list of contact, times/dates etc. and the number of times that no-one from the office made the promised phone call back to me. (nor emails come to that)

“Mmmm… she is very busy” -that reply did not go down well, but I kept my cool. grrrrr

I’m absolutely promised either a call or an email - absolutely promised, she hopes, tomorrow. :zipper_mouth_face:

To be honest I’m used to services being a bit more snappy. This waiting around for days so that Mr Notaire can get his shit together, grates somewhat.

But if I want the property I’m gonna have to suck it up.

As ever, when I know you’ll know…

The Immo has agreed to remove the offending clause…result

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That’s good news, and a correct outcome IMO.