Improving mobile phone signal in the house

Interesting, I have read good reports, the cost not withstanding. Although I could soon recover that by ditching my landline I reckon.

Our neighbour lives in a dip roughly 80m lower than us and could not get a mobile signal from the next hill over properly. He bought a 3G signal booster after his son brought one along to try out. In fact, I think he ordered from Amazon UK for around £250. Anyway, when chatting to him in his workshop in a barn across the way, my OH can now call me and the signal is great, so its range is pretty impressive too. As for other devices, no idea.

Hi I’m new to this, we are about to stay in our house for the first time after 6 years of restoration!! We don’t get much signal at all but are at the moment only using our house for a holiday home. I didn’t really want to pay monthly for a phone and broad band. I have looked at signal boosters but not sure what to do? We all have about 10gb of data so would like to use this.

How much do you pay monthly for broadband?

Thank you so much


What do you mean Rebecca?

Just take a look at all the main operators websites i.e. SFR, SFR Red, Orange, Free, Bouygues etc

In our uk mobile contracts we have 10gm data which we can all use in the Euro now if I had a booster I think I could use that? I didn’t want to subscribe to wifi broadband contract as we will only be in France at holiday times.


Ok Rebecca well that’s correct - you can indeed use your UK data allowances in France at no extra charge.

Sorry, can’t help with mobile signal boosters - no experience of them. Although I would have thought you needed a pretty good mobile data signal in your vicinity in order to have anything to boost!

No doubt someone will be along with the advice you need.