Inactive ME automatic closure?

If you want me to phone to book you an appointment I coukd do so on Thur (out all daybtomorrow,)

Just send me a private message with the name of the France service office and suitable dates. Oh, and your name!


Apparently it all changed as of last Jan… it’s all done on the INPI ‘one stop shop. :angry:

Thank you Jane, very kind. I may take you up on this this, but Ive decided to be brave and to attempt to call them myself tomorrow. And if I don’t get anywhere then at least I tried and il message you. :wink::pray:t2:

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That,s progress for you(not),just out of interest,what is INPI one stop shop?Thanks.

Google is your friend

Good luck. When we first came here I always started my conversation by apologising for not speaking French well (in French) and asking them to speak slowly - that can help. It makes life a lot easier if you have the courage to use the phone.

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Same as me with the Mètiers then, all done by them apart from the Impôts to which I had to sort out TVA with etc and they were so kind and sympathetic cos it was just after OH died and they knew it was complicated. Just very glad I never signed up as a conjointe collaborateur in the firm, I would have been in very deep s**t regarding outstanding social charges etc.


Thank you all very much for your help and @JaneJones. :pray:t2:
I have decided instead to use a hand holder that was recommended to me, who will sort it all for a very nominal fee. … phew, feeling relived. Now to the next task on the list. :face_with_peeking_eye:


That’s good, having someone nearby will help you greatly.

I don’t want to be a doom-monger, especially as this should be a straightforward task for someone with decent French, but please do check this hand-holder actually has experience of closing an ME recently and knows the INPI site. There are quite a few stories of handholders being more enthusiastic than their experience warrants. Ask him or her to explain every step to you so you understand what is going on, and make sure they give you originals and copies of absolutely everything.

Hope it is soon sorted and yiu can move on to more pleasurable things!


It isn’t anyone nearby sadly. But she is from a popular expat fiscal and business group and was recommended to me. But yes Jane your absolutely right I will ask those questions when I email her
thank you.