Insurance for non-owned car

There is a British registered car parked on one of the side streets around ere that stays there for months and then it disappears. Then it comes back and does not move again. Then it goes and then comes back. It been like that for a couple of years.

Im guessing that they park it there and fly to the UK from the airport. Maybe they work in the UK and then come back for a holiday in a house they own. They don’t live around here….certainly where it is parked.

So…they can’t have no insurance. Right ? I can’t see how they can have insurance. So they drive off to wherever they are going in France uninsured. Which is a bit scary really.

If they have an accident and god forbid kill someone they are in the shît.

Would anyone take that risk ? You are going to jail and not passing go if something goes wrong.

Sadly, there are folk who do take risks… and not just Brits of course…

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They are taking a risk if they one day want a CDS.

ALBF Are they why?

Criminal record in France I guess.