Insurance options

we have given notice to current insurers two months ago

If you are with your current insurers until the 31st December, aren't you leaving it a bit late to change?

Assuming your health cover is top up then the price for all that seems pretty good.

Join the French Golf Federation (FFG) on line for around 40-50 euros . This entitles you to 3 months free of premiums on any new policy you take out with Generali. We switched 4 houses, 3 cars and our health top-up to Generali a couple of years ago and saved hundreds of euros by doing this. We then switched back to GAN after one year when they came begging us to rejoin at much better rates than before.

For everything that doesn't sound too bad depending on the level of cover and where you live. I've shopped around and changed quite a lot but we're at around that too. as Sarah says, try assurland ;-)

We've just switched our insurance provider: we were with Allianz and quite happy with them but then our bank manager (CMB) asked if she could give us quotes and we saw no harm in at least hearing their prices. The bank were cheaper on health, comparable on car and slightly more expensive on house (but this includes public liability for our chambres d'hotes which Allianz had not covered, despite our asking several times and us thinking we were covered until the bank manager examined our policy and pointed out it wasn't listed!) but for taking all three policies with the bank, we then saved an extra 5% on each policy, making them quite a bit cheaper over all. And yet neighbours of ours had said 'don't go to the bank for insurance, they're really expensive'. Moral of the story? Shop around, get quotes from several sources and make up your own mind!

PS Health insurance does depend totally on age: the older you are, the more you pay! So you can't compare what one person pays with what you are paying unless you happen to be the same age!

We pay about 3600 a year for car, house and health so 1200 sounds good to me. Health is by far the most expensive at 2500 for my husband and i and our 12 year old daughter. All of our policies are with axa and i did shop around and they were very competitive. If anyone knows anyone cheaper please let me know.

You could check out different options on - it's like I did get a much reduced premium on the car's insurance and discovered the house insurance was in line with others (relieved because the hassle of changing was too much to contemplate - when we changed the car's insurer we ended up having to pay two premiums and had to wait 7 weeks to get one back). We don't have health insurance because we simply can't afford it. It gives me sleepless nights. Even without it our insurance bill is about 850E so I don't think you're doing too badly.....

For us health insurance is through our employers, so it's cheaper for a better deal than if we arragned the mutuelle ourselves, and I'm not sure what we pay.

Car insurance is with MAAF, and on a max bonus we pay 700 for a Touran fully comp and 300 for an old Clio third party.

As for house insurance, we use a broker that we like and pay 450 ish per year for buildings and a lot of contents insurance in a 170sq m house. His name is Nick CHUBB, he's English and he works at a broker called Asttral in Marseille. I think he does a good job. His number is 04 68 32 41 20.

Yes I agree

we need a good broker to take us through it all

There are probably some savings to be made by shopping around, perhaps someone can recommend a broker. I'm sure many of us are paying over the odds.

we are with Groupama for everything until Dec 31st

Who are you currently insured with Simon? Are all your policies with the same insurer?