Insurance/repair advice needed

@Dets - you need to ask the garage who towed the car, if the engine pulled in water through air intake or exhaust. If it need then you’re looking at expensive repairs €2k+
If it survived this then much less clean up and lower costs.
A flooded engine will normally right off a car according to insurance companies.

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An insurance broker in he UK advised me that before saying anything to my insurance company I should read my policy and decide what I needed to tell them. He wasn’t for one moment suggesting I should lie and nor am I but it is as well to know what your cover is before the insurance company starts asking you questions. Remember an insurance company doesn’t really want to pay you anything if it can get away with it.


Cynical me thinks that most insurance companies will value your car as low as possible in a write-off scenario.

Depends on your insurance cover, if you have fully comp yes, any other form of cover no. At worst the engine has drawn in water and bent the rods, in which case I would imagine the car would be a right off.

and if you abandoned it, would it be a left off :thinking: