Insuring Campervan in France

Thanks for that info, maybe we could keep the van. Sold our house today so hopefully be coming over to France to look for house before Christmas or at least early in the New Year.

No problem. Good news on your house sale - well done! I’d get the ball rolling with the CoC before you leave UK , and maybe get the MOT done too, even if it’s not due yet, so as to buy yourself a bit of time. You’ll need to be French resident before you can register it over here - once you have proof of residence, you’ll need to head to the local tax office and apply for a Quitus Fiscal - it proves VAT has already been paid - you’ll need the original V5, a bill of sale (this can actually be handwritten by yourself if you don’t have the original receipt - just to show how much you paid, along with VAT), passport of the registered owner and proof of French residence - they may also ask you for the current mileage on the clock and the emissions but they’ll also accept engine capacity if the V5 doesn’t state the emissions. Vehicle registrations here are all done online now, and you need a French tax reference in order to do this yourself - far easier to employ a professional to do it all for you (cheap and a lot less hassle than doing it yourself). Good luck with your move :wink:

Yes, Stella - I have to admit to having had major concerns before we moved over, after reading horror stories regarding other folks’ experiences with registering UK mohos over here, BUT it was all a lot easier than I could ever have imagined. Thank goodness!

Just had yet another UK, RHD Campervan successfully negotiate the importation/registration system… and the bank gave 3 months of Insurance to cover in the meantime…

We are lucky to have a local garage where this can be done, if not swiftly, certainly with style… and a nice snifter to celebrate. :upside_down_face: :rofl:

Stella, I take it that the camper you referred to is a ‘coachbuilt’ vehicle, not self-build?

Not a self-build :upside_down_face:

I’m about to get on the treadmill of getting our American RV onto France plates. Any tips from your experiences much appreciated.

Was it built for the European market?

No, American Motorhome imported to U.K. dome years ago

That’s not good news. To add to the usual complications you may well have to replace every light lens and window with pieces that show European conformity. Even with a motorcycle that’s an expensive inconvenience, with an RV it might not even be possible. France is not like the UK when it comes to ‘grey’ imports.

Hi have you any idea what the import tax may be? We have a 7 month old Burstner which we bought new. Paid £83,000 for it currently have main home in the UK but have owned a cottage in France for 7 years and am considering moving to France permanently?

There’s no “import” tax, as such, whilst UK is still in the Transition period, just a Registration Fee. In our case, this worked out at around the yearly VED back in the UK but I think, in your case, it would be much more on account of the fact that it’s a new vehicle. You can get an estimate of how much this charge would be on the French Gov website
Important to note that the fiscal CV is NOT the bhp - you may have to resort to Google for that but, as a rough guide, our 2.7l diesel, 156bhp, came in at 9cv. Also note that you can’t register it in France until you’re here as a permanent resident.

Not only france. most EU countries are when it comes to Motor vehicles etc.

If you find the French tech spec for your model, it will give you the fiscal horsepower (this is an essential piece of info for a potential French buyer - they want to know how much it will cost to register :wink: )

The big cost for something like that will be the eco-tax on top of the registration fee.

If it has covered more than 6000 kms since new there is no TVA due at this time. Less than 6000 kms & you will pay 20% on its value.

There is no malus tax on campers.

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The puissance fiscal/CV will be on your French certificate of conformity


Is this 100% correct?

I’m not sure about the percentage of being correct but if you use the government simulateur it lists the taxes.
Here is an example based on a brand new camping car bought here or abroad -

Rappel de vos informations

Démarche : Première immatriculation en France d’un véhicule

Acheté neuf en France ou à l’étranger

Genre national (J.1) : Camping-car et autre véhicule VASP (PTAC égal à ou moins de 3,5 tonnes)

Véhicule de démonstration ? : Non

Puissance administrative nationale (P.6) : 11 CV

Energie (P.3) : Gazole (GO)

Département : Charente

Coût du certificat d’immatriculation

Y1 - Taxe régionale : 451,00 €

Y1 bis - Taxe additionnelle voitures de forte puissance : 0,00 €

Y2 - Taxe formation professionnelle : 0,00 €

Y3 - Taxe additionnelle voitures de tourisme : 0,00 €

Y3 - Malus CO2 voitures de tourisme : 0,00 €

Y4 - Taxe de gestion : 4,00 €

Y5 - Redevance d’acheminement : 2,76 €

Y6 - Taxes à payer : 457,76 €

Coût de votre certificat d’immatriculation : 457,76 €

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