International Moving Company

Out of interest what do you use to display the result - TV’s with analogue inputs are getting to be a minority sport these days.

Peter - as to specialist guitars, I have no idea. The only guitars we brought along are some Fender strats & a not very expensive acoustic oldie. I think you are referring to some conservation status woods like ‘rosewood’ . A moving company would be able to clarify. Old amps - if your heart breaks selling them do bring along.
Chris and I are ‘hoarders’ - but over the years we have reduced the amount of ‘stuff’ shipped from a 40ft & 20ft container to 1 1/2 large moving vans and hope by the time we are ready for France this will have reduced to one large moving van and 2 cars and 2 cats.
I still feel aggrieved that I left most of my shoes in New York, a steel dining table of 10 x 4 ft in London and quite a bit of Furniture in the house we sold in Scotland.
But loved coming back from Canada with loads of interesting Kelim rugs and some Canadian & Japanese antiques which are now moving to France.
Cats - well the boys had their rabies vaccinations, rest to follow just before we leave. So vaccination passports & travel permits are OK. Bought the Airline travel pens, plenty of catnip treats & just hope for the best. My NYC moggy had airmiles by the time he arrived in Scotland.
Lots of Kitties in France, the right cat will find you when the time is right and just move in. As they do.
Maybe sell your house first, you will have an incentive to get everything else done more quickly. It took us a while to settle on an area, still not 100% sure, but we shall try.

Are PAL and SECAM both Region 2?

I’ve never heard of ‘region-free’, I guess that plays NTSC, SECAM and PAL DVDs?
Maybe we don’t have to bring an NTSC DVD player with us.

"unencrypted DVDs" is new to me, but if the DVD is loaded into the computer, I guess you can convert it to any format (unless they’re encrypted)?

You bought that in France? I think that is all that we would need for our DVDs.
I wonder if there is something similar that would be able to convert our region 1 VHS tapes and 8mm videocassettes to region 2 digital.

We still have analog inputs, but I’m sure the TV we purchase in France will bring us into the 21st century.

Thanks for the response. Yes, the issue is mainly rosewood, and the Brazilian rosewood in particular, which is classified differently than the others.
Glad to hear that you’ve moved guitars to France before, sounds like there was no special paperwork required, or questions asked.
Did you take them with you or put them into the container?
Most of my guitars aren’t old and rare, so I don’t think they will be a problem.
I will call the moving company this week.
I think (and hope) that a 20-foot container will be adequate; we won’t be taking any vehicles or furniture.
In 1966 my family moved from California to Greece, and we took our cat with us, on the train to New York, and then on the 2 week ocean liner from there. I think she was then put into quarantine for two days. Then we were off another day-and-a-half ferry ride to the island of Lesvos. She was fine all the way.
We can’t wait to have a couple of French cats move in with us. When my wife and I were living in California in the 1990’s, that is exactly what happened to us, and we ended up moving all seven with us to Washington state.
All of our ‘stuff’ is in our house, so our first step is to get rid of most of it before we put the house up for sale (although I think real estate agents always recommend leaving some furniture to make it look more something…livable?)
We also have to do some paint and cosmetic touch up.
But we are motivated. I may end up selling some of my guitars and amps at a much lower price, but I don’t care; my goal is to move within a year from now. My wife Chantal is much more patient, but she’s a yogini, and I’m just a guitarist.

I bought it from Singapore while I lived in US. I have used it a bit, worked for me, Swedish Programs viewed on TV in USA. The opposite should also work.
When connecting it to antenna/cable it recognizes if output should be PAL or NTSC. So TV has to be ‘compatible’ with the in-Signal. If tape is recorded in another , it will convert to what TV can receive.
I am not using it anymore ( I have a lot of tapes but I am not interested in the recorded programs anymore).
Music from cassette tapes you can record with your computer, there are several thingies that do all sort of magic.
If you have Desktop computer, many have a switch 120 - 220, you only need to put another plug to your existing cable, much better than any transformers.

I think I misunderstood; is that machine an actual converter that can be connected to various machines (DVD, VHS, etc.)? If so, that might even be better.
Stella mentioned a ‘region-free’ DVD player also.
I’ll look online to see what options are available in France. I would rather not bring any DVD, VHS and 8mm videocassette players if can find machines there that will do the job.
Music cassettes will play normally on French machines, but I would also like to digitalize those one day too, I guess using a player and the computer, like you said.
I’ll also check to see if our computer has a 120 - 220 voltage switch.
Thanks PJ.

Sorry for not writing correctly, it is a VHS player that work with PAL and NTSC systems.
DVD: I think Stella refers to that DVDs have some code that specifies if it is sold in US, Europe or Asia, I guess it it to reduce illegal copies floating around.
Same goes for (^%$#@@!)printers : I bought a new Canon all-in-one printer, scanner in US and when I run out of ink I could not buy ink in Europe for a Canon sold in USA! :rage:

So it is an actual VHS player. Does that have A/V inputs where I can plug in an 8mm video cassette camcorder?

I hope those players are also sold in France, that may be all we need. (If not, I’ll buy yours if you no longer need it.)

I was also just looking online at cables to go directly from a VCR into the computer.

Can you buy your ink online from a US website?

I don’t like machines, but we need them. It’s frustrating, all the different formats, analog and digital, from region to region.

When we move to France we will modernize. We’ve only had a desktop computer, no printer, no smart phone (we just got our first-ever cell flip phone) and old TV, VCR and DVD players.

Thanks again for the information.

I’m moving to France I hope in December. Need a company with big van, moving a 2 bed flat and a ful garage of boxes. Not sure what I can do in lockdown.

where are you moving from and too Martin?

Moving from London to Tarbes. Should have said, you should have guessed :slight_smile:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: sorry my clever psychic thing obviously not working tonight (damn the white wine spritzer!!)

Sorry, trying to be funny.

We live in tarbes near the Center. It postcode is 65.