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Like many of us we are in limbo in UK at present waiting to get back to France to carry on with our renovation of our house near Ladapeyre. I was last there early Oct last year, having spent eight weeks, the last four on my own, the wife having to return for work. We have decided as soon as we are able to return, will apply for French residency to enable us to catch up on the work we would have carried out if our plans had gone ahead over the last two months and as a long term plan to live in France.
As a consequence I am asking advice on the subject of Internet access. There is a phone line installed at the property but not live. On the downside, our one neighbour has internet via a phone line but it is relatively slow. An alternative is satellite obviously, any ideas/advice on cost/suppliers etc.

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There was a whole thread on this on SF with some very useful information you might like to research.

In the meantime, consider Bouygues 4G box.
You can check out your own line on the website for suitability (or us a neighbours phone number).

Hi Mel,

Speed depends very much on your distance from the exchange and there isn’t much you can do about that.
You may find this helpful -

Its worth checking when Fibre is due to your area - its meant to be everywhere by 2023(?). There’s a site to check roll out dates - Google it I can’t remember

There are sites that allow you to check all options for conventional internet (cables/fibre etc) - can’t remember their names either so Google will be your friend.

But mobile SIMs with decent data are pretty fast - we’re right on the edge of 4G - gets iffy in heavy rain but normally can run two video streams without an issue

I thought that was high speed Internet was due everywhere by a certain date - but also by a variety of methods such as 4g/5g so not necessarily fibre.

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Hi Chris, that,s the process we have been using on our previous visits, a mi-fi with a Three data only sim, only thing is they put a limit on the GB you can use in any one month, thanks for the reply

Hi Mike, thanks for your reply, will look into it

It is already in our area - passes less than a km. from us, but our place is considered too isolated and remote to justify running cable for just two properties.
Didn’t matter when we first came here because everyone was on dial-up and streaming video was a futuristic dream.
At one time it was proposed to put the whole country on main drainage. Wonder what became of that?

I never expected fibre in our hamlet. We got a letter - obviously a mass letter - at the weekend saying 2022 you’ll have fibre. I still can’t see them running fibre up our hill for 3-4 houses either - the letter implies every house - but like mains drainage… 4G has fixed our reception so its not that vital anyway.

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You can buy local SIMs on PAYG or there’s quite a lot of “sans engagement” tariffs - monthly costs but can be cancelled fairly easily.