Is a Balcone a Surface Taxable?

Apparently, dodgey swimming pools take a good pic’ from up there Mick!

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I now of 3 people recently. Each Owner received an official form to complete, asking for details of everything at their property.
Standard stuff… how many bathrooms/bedrooms etc etc etc… and what is outside… :thinking:

The idea is to ensure that the correct property taxes are being charged and paid.

Can’t identify any one particular thing that starts this ball rolling… sometimes it crops up after the new owner puts in a Request to do some alterations… but that is not always the case… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Let’s hope he did do everything correctly (and I’m not just talking paperwork… :thinking: )…otherwise it could be you who foots the bill one way or another…

Big brother is watching us all Bill or the neighbours are jealous!!

The officiak resoonse from the Maurie was to enter “0 m2” in all the fields as a balcony does not count as “habitable”, nor is it closed nor covered.
If the application is not opposed within one month of today we are good to go. Given that most everyone is now on holiday, officially or not, the marie said they did not expect anyone would look at it before that time has passed.
We are lucky to have a very helpful and friendly Mairie. Infact the Aveyron Prefecture has been equally helpful; our Declaration des Revenues was completed with their help and we got a €10 tax credit. Not bad considering that all declared revenue was UK earned and tax paid, and was covered by the dual-tax agreement.