Is French TV really that bad?

Plus Belle la vie - got sucked into watching that one for a number of years, haven't watched it for ages and can't stand it now, as you say - spot the actor, Les racines et les ailles is good until they go and find the local village idiot to talk to, usually a parisien who's had a life changing experience living there...! Should be good this evening du ventoux au luberon

As for l'amour est dans le pré, the current candidate from the tarn was at school with a friend of ours and is just as dim as pictured, I know another ex-candidate from the tarn, he sells on the market in Carmaux, still single!

Baie de morlaix - love it, especially round carantec, lived/worked in St Brieuc for a year and spent time in Morlaix area too, lovely but the weather's crap!

You still looking in the Tarn?

Dead right too ! And I would like to add that the presenter Karine could have me if she played her cards right !!!

'Er indoors is usually glued to "Plus Belle La Vie" or 'Spot The Actor' as it should be called...

The Racines et des Ailes last week was in te Baie de Morlaix and it was brill ! Such a beautiful coastline .

not forgetting l'amour est dans le pré, Peter ;-)

ps I voted for cordes last year and st antonin this time round and, if i remember correctly, conques a few years ago which has to be one of the best!