Is honesty dead?

(Mark Robbins) #41

Someone who has just got off the boat from Dover who pretends he or she can do anything.

(Barbara Deane) #42

No honesty is not dead Misty.
But when you are honest you do not always make friends.

I appreciate that you can not live with yourself if you cause distress or
harm to others and that you do not need to justify yourself, money is not your
God and that you live in the here and now.
So now you have told every one about your kind heart we can continue
conversations on here without reference to others…

(Barbara Deane) #43

Difficult sometimes to find kennels and dog sitters when you need to go on holiday.
It is a big responsibility for the people taking care of the dogs and they should be
totally responsible… Insurance …whatever is legally required.
It goes without saying that dogs need physical activity and their general well being kept
an eye on. I do not know about kennels here but most of my friends who have
dogs take them on holiday in the car or bring family over to dog sit.
I/we have cats and we only go on holiday if our friends come over from UK to stay and our
friends know the cats and would realise if there was a problem? Our cats would hate a cattery
so we leave them to roam in their own environment.

(anon71231711) #44

That seems a very strange comment to me.
Quality not quantity is maybe a good motto when it comes to making friends.

(Barbara Deane) #45

Why is it strange? Not every one appreciates the truth.
Why are you talking about quality?
People are not products.
Are you not looking for something to disagree with?

(anon71231711) #46

I’ve always found French workers to be very professional and as you say, once you’re “their” customer they do seem to feel responsibility towards you and they’ll make the occasional “geste commerciale”.

That said, I had a mason working here for quite a long time and we got quite chatty during his coffee breaks. He was an interesting chap with strong views on everything from what makes a good mason to how to run the country (this was in Hollande’s day so he had plenty to say on that). Once I tried to pin him down on the issue of, would he ever try to charge a holiday home owner he didn’t know, more than he would charge “one of us” for the same job. He sidestepped the question but I think the twinkle in his eye answered it. But I guess that’s human nature everywhere.

(stella wood) #47

Is this something you have personally encountered, Barbara… has your honesty made it difficult for you to make friends?? I hope not… that would be so sad.

Personally I prefer honest people to dishonest people… :grinning:

(anon71231711) #48

It’s certainly true, but when I first read it, it sounded to me as if you were advising people to be dishonest so that they’d make more friends. But on re-reading, I think I read that into it!

Don’t you think some friendships are better quality than others? Sometimes when people talk about how their “friends” have treated them, it seems a very poor friendship indeed.

(Barbara Deane) #49

Only on here.

I have a good number of friends here and in other countries.
We are gathering here in sept for a big party.

(Ann Coe) #50

I would appreciate it Barbara if when quoting my words you do just that and don’t subsitute your own. Thank you…

(Barbara Deane) #51

I would say that those “friends” who treat you badly are really not friends.
But having said that there should always be rooms for mistakes.
No one is perfect or any where near perfect.

(Barbara Deane) #52

How many of you in the gang?
What ever I say you disagree with…thank goodness it is not about comfort food.

(anon54681821) #53

always find it funny haw main subject threads are diverted by the same individuals away from the original topic, its about honest trustworthy trades men and women. I quoted my business type a s there are more people working illegally than legally when it comes to the certificat, no idea on insurance stuff though.

Very wise words @Misty36140 unfortunately many of these cowboys do seem to live with what they do and not give a dam.

There is a “mechanic” near us who took a car that was junked because the repair was too expensive off a english couple then sold that car on without registering any paperwork and the english couple last i heard were still in the legal system for selling a dodgy car as the last owner was them. last figures i heard was many thousands over a 500€ trade in for a car that was supposedly going to be fully fixed before selling.

(anon71231711) #54

I would agree, I think some people don’t seem to differentiate between “friends” and “acquaintances”.
That’s why I questioned your statement that honest can limit the number of friends you have. If a “friendship” isn’t based on honesty, to me it’s not a friendship at all. I couldn’t be friends with a person I didn’t respect, and I couldn’t respect anyone who I knew to be dishonest.

(anon54681821) #55

I stand with that, we have had loads of french workers and always brilliant, our mechanic is french also.

I have always found others prices way too steep like i’m paying for the privilege to have an english speaker there.

(Barbara Deane) #56

Since I came here I have made so many aquiantances.

friends are a different story.
Friends are people who sit and chat with you in their kitchen over a cup
of tea and a biscuit and you laugh about whatever comes to mind.
So the kitchen is not tidy who cares.
Many of my friends are not British.

(Barbara Deane) #57

Our builders and electrician and plumber were French …plus we had an architect…
that was a good move.
Our garage man is French with Italian decent and he is an extremely hard worker
and fair in his pricing.

(Ann Coe) #58

It always amazes me how many people have hundreds and hundreds of friends, on FB, for example. I have 22 friends there who I know personally, some are in other countries in the world and FB is how we keep in touch and swap photos and news.
To my knowledge they are all trustworthy and honest :slight_smile:
Yes Harry, forgive me, it’s slightly off topic I know :thinking:

(Timothy Cole) #59

Sadly I trust very few people so keep most at arms length even family.

(Barbara Deane) #60

Why is that? Have you had bad experiences?
Friends we choose family we do not.