Is it 'cos he's American?

I am Irish living in the US for the past few years. When people tell me they are Irish I ask how far back. So many americans and south americans like to talk about their european roots (and passports). As someone mentioned its a new-ish country and colony.

Don’t have to be a colonial, I suppose now, with 2 Welsh Grandfathers, I should be calling myself Welsh-English now then. :thinking:

But to get back to the USA, I have never heard of anyone calling themselves English-American, also if black people are African-American, where are all the European-Americans? :roll_eyes:

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You had to agree to the 39 articles I think, I am not sure ah I’ve just checked, it was the case from Elizabeth I to 1871. Presumably to root out dissenters recusants etc

I think Glasgow and Aberdeen both do, Edinburgh is just after.
Amazing to think tiny Scotland had 4 universities for ages while England had 2 and Wales none.


Could Mr Biden be planning to apply for a paddy passport so he can come to live in France?

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head