Israel can take Gaza, but

Yes, à la the Warsaw ghetto.

It’s becoming difficult to figure which is the ‘active’ war thread at the mo, and I don’t want to add another which I’d entitle ‘France gave Israel the bomb’.

I’m settling on this thread, it has about 1K reads, fairly recent. Far less than cats and dogs mind… (Edit, OK looking closer the cats and dogs threads date from about 3 Israel / Hamas wars ago and so I now understand there’ll be more reads, apologies to cats and dogs)

Anyway, Another (to my mind) interesting grauniad background - according to the article France built the nuclear reactor to provide the plutonium for Israel’s nuclear bomb. There’s a few other recent history snippets in there too.

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That’s the case for plenty of countries. France is #2 in the world by number of nuclear power stations (not that many seem to be working at the moment) and is a big exporter of expertise and technology.


Understood. My French ex’s dad worked for EDF building dams both in the alps and in Iraq.

Isreal is now facing a massive PR problem. IDF entered al-Shifa Hospital, already under siege and without fuel or medicines but many, many patients in need under the bombardment of Gaza, only to find, NOTHING. No Hamas fighters. No Hamas tunnels. No Hamas supplies or armaments.

You can be sure IDF searched very thoroughly.

They did find one of the elderly Israeli hostages in a nearby building that had been destroyed by Israeli missiles. No word yet how the poor person died but definitely not within the hospital.

IDF are also putting out a video of a vehicle they found with large amount of ammo. They say this was inside the hospital precinct. No one corroborates this. IDF says the ammo was intended for use on October 7. This may be pushing the narrative too far.

I will be interested to see how Isreal, and the US intelligence who backed their suppositions spin this. More’s the pity no independent journalists are being allowed access.

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Seems the IDF are lying, no new news there sadly. Looks like the weapon, boots and uniform in the MRI room were planted.

Saddam Hussein and his none existing weapons of mass destruction springs to mind.


Sad to say that this article is spot on.

Isreal may, but probably do, have a plan for what to do following a ceasefire, but let’s hope the international community, and expressly US, exerts pressure to follow an internationally approved solution and rebuilding.

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Oh they existed, they just weren’t viable weapons anymore as such things have a short shelf life and don’t age well.

How did HMG know that Iraq had such weapons? Simples, because the U.K. sold them to Iraq during the Iran/Iraq war and hence knew they well past their Use By date when the George Bush Jnr. Crusade kicked off.


I don’t think so Susannah. When the Ulster plantation (colonisation) took place four hundred years ago the slogan was “to Hell or to Connaught”. The locals were driven from the fine farmland in the north to the rotten farmland in the west. We’ve all witnessed the repercussions that lasted until today, and they’re not over yet. I think we’re seeing the M/E version of to Hell or to Connaught (ie go somewhere else in the M/E other than Gaza and the WB).

IMHO the right wing in Israel sees the current US political support as a closing window of opportunity to purge Arabs from Gaza, or at least constrain them even more viciously than pre October 7th. The final phases and “clean up” have yet to be decided but it makes total sense (to them) to push as hard as possible now. Look what they’ve done and are doing in the WB, and indeed Gaza over the last sixteen years.

This IMHO is a total failure by the US and my beloved EU. We’re standing by and watching horror unfold.


I remember listening to BBC World Service and a reporter talking about Saddam Hussein had put his WMD on boats in tge Indian Ocean.
I kept on listening but there was no repeat of this item.
D Notice?

This hospital is run by the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem.
I cannot imagine that they would not know what was going on or condone it.
This is a direct assault on Christianity as well as being a totally inhumane action, ordering extremely ill people to walk out of a hospital.
Netanyahu is a war criminal.


I thought a D notice was intended to prevent the publication of facts that may be detrimental to the State, not prevent the publication of lies that may be detrimental to politicians :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Isreal has repeatedly spoken of the Palestinians as creatures that are less than human and not therefore worthy of humanitarian care. IDF, while saying they take “all feasible precautions” to “mitigate harm” to civilians. Clearly, they say one thing but are doing another.

For anyone who can and wishes to read a harrowing account of what the events in Gaza are daily doing to children

These reports graphically evidence that the Palestinian people are humans, who love their children and are trying against all odds to protect them while being trapped in a place being constantly and randomly bombed. These are not Hamas fighters. Isreal is violently destroying the Palestinian people. This who survive, if any do, will never forget.

For a people who have had the final atrocity committed against them, they seem to totally fail to understand that they are doing exactly the same,
The extreme right in Israel live by the Old Testament and the Torah. They think of themselves as the chosen people of God, but only a vengeant God. The message of Christ has totally passed them by.
Living in such a blinkered way has brought this upon themselves.


Summed up in a nutshell, and, as @Susannah says,

Those who survive, if any do, will never forget.

And so it will go on, for generations, Israel will never have peace.


Below is an extract from a recent speech by Gideon Levy regarding this.

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So, so true, every single word, I couldn’t possibly have put it better myself. I watched it twice.

Excellent link and a wonderful speech. I think he’s a very courageous man.

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A small piece of good news for as long as it lasts, at least there is a pause and aid is entering.