Israeli abuse of prisoners

No point in blaming TicTok. That is just the messenger. We know where blame lies.

Evokes the adage
‘Guns don’t kill people. People do.’

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Well that’s Yossi Gamzoo Letova’s name on the list for The Hague. If your committing a war crime I would have thought it’s be better not to advertise it on your YouTube account :thinking:. More “untouchable” Israeli arrogance.

We need many, many more names, including the architect of this genocide, Gallant.

But one is a widely proscribed terrorist organisation and the other is supposed to be a normal democratic nation state(!). One expects nothing of the former, but Israel is drifting closer and closer towards being something morally similar to Hamas and far worse than Apartheid South Africa, which it already resembles in so many ways. .

I think Netanyahu’s stated goal of completely destroying Hamas by destroying Palestinian cities is both a pretext to prolong the war, thus keeping himself free from indictment on corruption charges and also a way of effecting ethnic cleaning of Palestinians thereby reducing any future possibility of a two state settlement to which he’s always been opposed.