It's official - Meghan and Harry expecting baby

What a dreadful ordeal you suffered. Enough to cause long-term psychological upset. Good that you’ve shared it here and got support.

Nappies aren’t sexist but putting on a baby boy’s ‘old-fashioned’ nappy calls for a different technique if you’re fastening it with a single safety pin, in the traditional “nanny knows best” way.

For those not in the know, one needs to slide one’s fingers inside the nappy between open pin and small appendage, so as not to skewer the latter to the towelling while positioning the former.

Happy baby, happy mum or dad. :kissing_closed_eyes:

PS Dads changing nappies AND sluicing them AND washing them is NOT a modern phenomenon. My mother taught me how to do it when I was 11 (on my baby brother) because my mum left me in charge while she worked a late shift at Cadbury’s in Bourneville (1949)

I’ve changed and fed and tended our 6 children since I first married, and so have most of my peers.

Stella commented, “they are only tiddlers after all”?

True, but baby’s willies are often of a size that is disproportionate to the size of the rest of the body. Don’t ask me how I know, maybe the faeries told me, maybe an old gypsy woman. :pensive:

And infant willies have a life of their own. :roll_eyes:

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An ‘experienced’ sitter could not have done more than yourself.
Instead please concentrate on the fact that this little mite is alive due to you and not its parents.

:relaxed::relaxed: Only having a daughter, I didn’t have quite the same experiences… but the trick with the nappy pin… ie NOT sticking it into squirming baby… is essential … :wink:

My neighbour (in those happy days of young motherhood) would often bellow for me… and I would rush next door to hold her squirming son while she changed his nappy… but then, my sole aim was to calm him and gently keep his shoulders on the floor, while she did the rest… we still laugh about those times… though I’m not sure her strapping son (and father of 3) would do so… :relieved::thinking::hugs:

I remember the nappy fold for boys was a kite and for my daughter a different fold which spread the material more evenly .
He had one pin at the front she had two pins one each side.

Ha ha… for both sexes, this depends, as well, on the size of baby and the size/shape of the nappy… :thinking::hugs:

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