ITV censorship now!

Final episode can be seen on YouTube! No VPN required!

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Welcome Jill and thank you, I guessed it might be but as said above somebody had already captured it for me by ‘other means’.

Presumably somebody who lives in the UK copied it from the Hub, or perhaps used VPN to do so.

It;s on U tbe if you look for it

If you have a smart tv you can go to express vpn and add their tv app which allows viewing here .:+1:

I don’t have a smart tv, but thanks anyway, I will keep it in mind for when/if I get one in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the time being I think I will do a search on You Tube if there is something else I miss.

I bet you do not have a UK TV license , how can you complain when you receive programmes at no cost to yourselves , freeloading springs to mind

Really :yawning_face::crazy_face::clown_face:

Actually I do have a TV licence. I buy one because I support the BBC being ad free, so prefer to pay. The address just doesn’t happen to be here, but it’s in my name…

It’s just trolling Jane :wink:

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@Michael_Phillip_Eave please get your facts right before making bets about someone.
Bitter and twisted springs to mind.

Not only trolling, but misdirected trolling, what has poor John said to warrant such nonsense? :laughing: :laughing:

And as for @Michael_Phillip_Eave , freeloading? Remind us how much you have paid for your right to free speech here.

It is available for use and it costs you nothing. If you want to complain about the way SF is run, you can, no charge.

How is that different from watching UK TV and disagreeing with the way it is run sometimes?

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