Jacuzzi or Spa anyone?

Good call.

Exactly what I do. I got mine for for about €10 for 20 from Gify about 5 years ago.

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Ahhh now I was just doing that because I’d read it somewhere :rofl: so low long would be long enough? Should have asked you before!

That is what we were originally going to do but the 4x thicker insulation from the brico worked out loads cheaper! And we were able to cut it to shape / size with a bread knife!

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Pump off :rofl:

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To answer the original question. When I first got a spa in the UK I was sick after using it with hot tub folliculitis - seems, despite being « unused » it came preloaded with bacteria. I was misdiagnosed by doctors so got reinfected and ended up feeling really poorly and with a horrible skin rash.
Happily I google diagnosed myself, took control of the chemical levels and developed a long and happy relationship with my spa. I left it behind in the UK but can’t wait to get one at my new French home. Outdoors is definitely best.

That can be a problem as there are a lot of small pipes that on some have areas that do not drain well. This is often due to loops or dips in the pipe runs of which there are many. It is worth a soaking with chlorine dioxide that you can get in a dry tablet form as regular chlorine cannot touch some bacteria. One of the best spa’s I have seen is the Villery Boch, it has a clever swappable seating arrangement where the seat contains larger plumbing and it also is much lower in energy usage. Much easier the clean.

I’m more into saunas. There are very few around here. We went to one in Labenne last year and think we caught Covid there. There’s a Best Western hotel in Pau we stayed at with a good one. Unlike in some German hotels you can’t just turn up and use the sauna. There’s one in Anglet, but the reviews are not special. I’ve seen sauna blanket kind of things. Anybody tried them?

I saw the blanket things when I was researching saunas and ended up buying an infrared panel sauna - absolutely fabulous and use it every 2-3 days - feel very relaxed when I come out if it😁

Interesting. Could you please give more details or a link?

This is it

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