Landlord selling up - we will need to move

How are you getting on with this @Ken_Welsby ? Are you finding the info and advice that you need?

Dear all
Thanks for all the thoughts, help and advice.

A few days ago the estate agent brought a couple to see the flat. It turns out they want it as an investment, not to live in. “How long do you want to stay… one year, two or up to you” was the way he put it.

We have had fingers crossed in case they were unable to do the deal with Mme Sylvie, the owner, but it appears that she has agreed a price. Since today the agent sent the technical expert – I suppose we would call him a surveyor – to examine the property.

Since we weren’t familiar with the process he described it as “like the controle technique for cars but for the apartment”. Took accurate measurements, checked the electrical wiring, which floors were solid wood and which were laminate etc. About two hours in total, very thorough.

I assume that is at buyers’ expense and can’t believe that they would commit to that unless they were confident of a deal.

So it looks as if we are able to stay here for another two or three years at least.

Anyway thanks again for all your input. We’ll keep you posted.

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@JaneJones will know more about this but personally I would consult one of the official services mentioned by others to ensure there is nothing specific you need to do to protect your rights.

I am very glad for you that the situation sounds much better. Very glad indeed but I would still take advice to make sure. Taking any written lease or other correspondence etc with me to show them. With a bit of luck you’ve come through this and I would want to get everything checked to secure no more surprises for the future.

Meanwhile I am so pleased for you.

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I hate to dampen your spirits Ken, but we bought our flat when the landlord wanted to sell it. The technical expert came to us too, but we didn’t pay for it. It seems to be a legal requirement for the seller to arrange for this “contrôle technique” before the sale. But it means the sale is imminent.

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Agree with Karen, do please still take advice. Yes it seems they have decided to sell with sitting tenant (and the seller pays for all the diagnostic tests) but always better to make sure your position is protected.