Latest speed limits

but this one was politically correct :laughing:

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Ownership, for a van, when empty and running up the motorway in 6th it was incredibly frugal.
Loaded was another matter. So when Ford in this case state mpg its very empty. One of the test magazines, possibly autotrader loads a 1 ton pallet to test vans/commercials so a far better real world figure is obtained, that really should be the standard to test at.

It makes you think what the manufacturer wants you to think. Just like years ago VW brought in the eco meter to tell you when to change gear. This was discontinued when the ADAC proved it was marketing humbug. My mk1 eardrums tell me when to change gear not some idiot light.


Must confess that I have always known when to change gear on a manual box… it was something my ears/brain became attuned to very quickly… but that was a lifetime ago and now I drive an automatic :roll_eyes: (for medical reasons)


But is it the case that just because the engine in screaming that it is the optimal time to change gear for fuel economy?


I took driving lessons a lifetime ago… and my instructor was pleased at how I became attuned to the needs of the car . OH was relieved as well, since I was learning in his vehicle… :wink:

and… the engine never screamed… I was always very gentle with it… :rofl: :+1:

Yes - interesting isn’t it how easily we assume our own driving performance is optimal (and, generally, how most other people’s isn’t).
My advice: don’t believe things for which you don’t really have objective evidence, don’t believe anecdote, don’t believe manufacturer’s claims - do read the research.

Eeeek, is that 55 mph only?

[quote=“Kvk, post:48, topic:40397”]
is that 55 mph only?

Just like 1970’s America (except we don’t have Nixon as Pres).

LOL funny! Average these days is 75-80 mph on the highway, 45-50 near towns. (with a plus 10mph leeway before the blue lights start flashing ) :smile:

All the fixed speed cameras here have been removed. They tried and tried, but when a camera gets set on fire within days of a new one being put in place, and it’s the fourth or fifth time it’s happened then it’s just not worth it. The favourite round here was to pile up old tyres around the speed camera and set them on fire.


Sadly, the paint has been well scrubbed off and the camera looks to be in working order. But I don’t hold out much hope for it. Given the crispy dry state of the woods and grass I think paint will again be the option.

I’m puzzled by the change back to 90kph, here in Charente Maritime. As if in response, the local village, through which I drive almost every day, has just planted one of these on each side of the village.

I’m not aware of any speeding here, but maybe it’s the drivers to and from work early morning and evening, passing through too quickly. Perhaps the village elders think the change back to 90kph will exasperate speeding through the village.

One thing I have noticed is that this roadside device agrees exactly with the satellite speed on my gps .

There’s a discrepancy between my car’s speedometer and the satellite tracking me, of 3 to 4kph. When I use cruise control, I raise it to that amount above the official speed limits.

I’m used to 80kph now and will stick to it – leisurely driving – I don’t have a plane to catch and my house isn’t on fire. When I have from time to time increased to 90kph it seems unnecessarily fast, for me!

My Renault Cleo 1.5 diesel (200,000 kms on the clock) labours a bit in 4th (always has laboured in 4th since new) but surges in 5th from 50kph and on upwards. Something to do with torque?

Saw this new sign for the first time yesterday where the D840 crosses from the Averyron into the Lot. It was the year long absence of any sign indicating the change of speed limit at this point that prompted me to start this thread.


Great…!!! Have watched it 3 times now, for the giggle…