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That’s a shame Graham as I know there are a good few of us that appreciate your effort xx

I find them useful too, very surprised you’ve had criticism, but thanks for all your efforts .

I’m also very surprised about the criticism - surely all official information is good to have? I have now bookmarked the link and will look periodically but having the links here was handy. Thank you for doing it, Graham!

@Graham_Lees ditto to these positive comments. I wouldn’t have discovered these notices had it not been for your posts. I reckon your feedback from ‘certain quarters’ are outliers (diplomatic phrase for $*%!!'s). I would love to set up the ‘vote’ function of this forum to confirm you would receive far more Yay’s than Nay’s, but I’m still a newbie.
Regardless, you’ve helped me, and I’m grateful, so thank you!


Graham, I certainly appreciate you taking the time to post the links, which I found extremely useful.

Really cannot understand the criticism as nobody is forced to read this thread, or to click on the links.

If you are accusing me of criticism then you have completely mistaken my post! It was no criticism of you. Rather a mild criticism of government statements that make things sound simple, consistent and straightfoward.

If that is the case then why tag me?

I’m sorry to hear you won’t be posting them any more Graham. I found the updates very useful.

Please don’t stop Graham, so many of us find these topics informative. Even if I don’t find anything that is relevant to me I still like to keep up, and because I am so forgetful I often refer back :crazy_face:

Quite honestly I had ‘t realised I had!

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How to tag someone? :woman_shrugging::thinking:

OK then Jane. I’ll accept that to be the case.

Normal service will be resumed. Thank you all for your supportive comments.


use the @ and select the member from the pop-up list Lily

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Well I never, I have been tagging people and didn’t even know it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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If you want to, you can sign up for the newsletter to be delivered to you by email. Go to the home page, , and there is a subscription box on the right hand side, just below ‘LES DERNIERES ACTUALITES’.

Lettre Service-Public 27 mai 21


Thanks, that’s a really useful link and, despite the helpfulness of Graham’s relays, one feels more a part of France by getting the info directement.

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Lettre Service-Public 3 juin 21


Lettre Service-Public 10 juin 21

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Lettre Service-Public 17 juin 21