Law on carrying pets in cars

No STOP time is specified in law.

Code de la route - Article R415-6

Two seconds is a very long time. Motorcyclists are recommended to put a foot down to indicate that they are acknowledging the stop sign.

Good point, I usually just stop.

Personally I have never understood why people would not make their dog(s). If you have to stop suddenly (maybe to avoid running over one of the many dogs in Frsnce) the dogs would be flying around in the car, and get seriously hurt, at worts die. It’s bad enough having to desl with a possible accident, let alive your beloved pet being hurt! It’s also a piece of mind to know your dogs are safe, just like you would always make sure your kids were safe in the car. Knew nothing about the French law, know that is has been law in OZ for quite some time!

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My dog wears a dog harness. It attaches to the seat belt holder in the rear. This is safe for him, and safe for me. A dog of 35 kilos as a missile could kill me in the event of a shunt. It would certainly kill him.

For safety, dogs of any weight must be attached safely in a harness before the car is in motion. It might be a law, but it is also total common sense. I do not want to see my dog fly through the windshield in the event of an accident. I guess you would not either. Buy a harness for every dog, and train them to expect to wear the harness as part of the treat of travelling in the car.

I was a nurse in the past and nursed cases of people that flew through windshields. It was not a pleasant trip.

Please be sensible.


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