Lebara - anyone use them?

Thanks all for information. My daughter is going to Cannes. We are going with her for a week so will try Lebara and Leclerc. Cheers

I would imagine you would have good coverage on any network down there, unless you venture into the hills!

Imagine the outcry if the Great and the Good at the Cannes Film Festival could not get a mobile signal!

I signed up for an Esim with Lyca for her to use on her iPhone 13.
She still has her Irish Sim so can use either.
Lyca Monthly plan is 200GB
Unlimited national Calls
Unlimited national SMS
Unlimited international minutes to 50 countries
EU Roaming

€11.99 per month . Paid with PayPal.

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Allowance on roaming please?

From Lyca website:

  • The 200GB data allowance is applicable to new customers.

  • Please note that there is a maximum data usage of 17GB while roaming in EU/EEA.

  • Once the customer has used the EU data allowance, he will be charged €0.00189/MB.

Thank you, so a low roaming allowance but equally a low cost for additional data.

I’d be on that Lyca package if my Bouygues signal was good enough - that’s the network it runs on.