Licence category restrictions regarding towing?

Likewise, cubs, scouts, veture scouts and then voluntary for a couple of years until it snowed one easter bank holiday and I packed up and booked into the pub hotel up the road.

Thank you @JohnBoy - that is very nice and clear. I got a detailed spec from the suppliers and they said it was around 460kg but I shall be double checking that before I place an order. I can carry any heavy stuff in the car if necessary but I am hoping that the caravan plus the basic kit is going to be under 500kg.

However, your explanation does give me a good way forward so thanks again!

I can well understand where you are coming from, there @Corona - most people I know would fully endorse your approach and it may be one that I adopt in the future. However, for the moment, I don’t like the faff and constraints of staying in someone else’s house and would happily trade a bit of comfort for the freedom :smiley: Each to their own… :rofl:


If its on your bucket list go and luve life to the full!
Enjoy! :relaxed:

I love it when folk drop by… in their camper… as I can be very hospitable… without panicking about beds/bedding etc (especially as the spare room is currently used for storage…)

If I recall, many Aires across France do have showering facilities as well as the usual WC.

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There is a large book of them but also now a phone app i believe. Not used it but friends have.

I must admit I thought they did but haven’t needed to check until recently - the one I looked at yesterday didn’t but i think it used to and it was closed when covid hit :thinking:

The youth club I belonged to decided to camp in the Lake District at Easter the year it snowed. We got dressed to go to bed - hat, gloves sweater, scarf and a blacks sleeping bag and I was fine. :grin:


Covid put the mockers on many things.

Didn’t it just!

I’ve been looking on-line for aires we could use as a stopover, including the municipal ones (we have one in our little town) but it looks like they are only for Campingcars and not for caravans. Is that correct, do you know?

why not ask your local folk…?? they might be able to advise about elsewhere, as well as their own.

Also, I realize I’m talking about Aires on the motorways and major routes… where cars/lorries stop as well as folk with campers/caravans… are on their way to somewhere. Some stay overnight… some don’t.

Our village has a carpark by the SdF with public toilet and a drinking-water tap, available night and day. We don’t invite campers/caravans but if someone needs a stop… we don’t send them packing. It’s dealt with in friendly fashion. There are specific areas further afield, but not in our little village…

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The camping car aire network in France is fantastic and as @Stella confirms most have showers and toilet facilities. As you have noticed @AngelaR they cater predominantly for camping cars although I have seen caravans and some small tents on some.
France favours camping cars over caravans but I dont know why.
There are many camp sites in France that do cater for caravans and tents and many books and websites to tell you where to go.
Whatever you decide to do the open road isin front of you and France is waiting to be explored.
Follow your dreams.

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Thank you for the encouragement @JohnBoy and @Stella - it does look like a lot of fun to me… :smiley:

For anyone else who has questions like me about where it is ok to stop overnight, I found this offical site really useful

My late father was an avid camper and used to drag us to the Camping Clubs Nottingham Goose Fair event in November.

I went to bed wearing every stitch of clothing mum had packed for me at nights and have never been so cold in my life since despite working in the arctic circle in February.

“It’s character building, boy.” Ex-Army Dad speak for “You’ll be cold or wet or hungry or bored or all of the above and you’ll like it”.

Hmmm… bit late for me to build my character I think :rofl:

Try this. Just click on the region to find somewhere. Covers not just France. Emplacements | LeCampingSauvage, camping chez l'habitant et camping sauvage

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That’s a very interesting site - thank you very much @david_gillies ! I shall have a good look around that one