Living off savings - is this taxable in France

No - not from HMRC but you will be entitled to a tax credit in France for the amount of income tax you would have paid had it been the nearest equivalent French income. The UK reserves the right to fully tax dividend income paid in the UK.

As for the social charges of 15.5% you’ll have to pay them no matter what on dividend income

According to the Income Declaration will still have to be completed in May 2017 and then each year as normal.

Workers will have their deductions at source starting January 2018 (like PAYE) based on their 2017 Declaration…

The Non-workers will pay their tax bill as usual… (at least this is what I deduce from the various articles on the French government website…)

Anna - there are literally thousands of people working (physically) in the UK and living in France - just hop on the Eurostar between Lille/Paris and London any day of the week and have a chat to them! Same goes for the hundreds of commuter flights every day. Many consultants, airline crews, finance workers, oil workers, call centre workers etc etc etc choose to live in one country and work in another - it’s no big deal and has been going on for years. It’s patently easy to demonstrate where the work was carried out.

@Daveellen To avoid getting even more duff info - I’d recommend you take some sound advice from a qualified (UK/France) professional. I know SFN have their own resident pro - maybe worth contacting him (@james - forgot who it is?). Forums are not the best place for that because so much will be based on your own personal circumstances. Best of luck with your move :slight_smile:

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Heartily agree Simon… we can all put in our twopenn’orth… but nothing beats using a Professional to get things spot on…:grinning:

Derrr, come again? Is this relating to the comment about the workers S1? Yes I know, did I say there weren’t? I did it myself for a while.
And these people would normally be entitled to an S1, they are exactly who it’s designed for
But AFAIK this is not what Dave is planning to do.
The people who are usually disappointed are the ones that move to France and continue to work remotely for their UK employer and hope to be allowed to continue paying NICs and be covered in France, or who travel back for meetings a couple of times a year but who basically do their day to day work here.
I think we’re at cross purposes, sorry if I didn’t make it clear what I was on about.

I already gave you that information, it’s higher up the page but is exactly what Anna has said as well.

@Brian_Furzer and @Graham_Keysell

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