Locksmith (Darius Assistance) scammed me

Well done and good on you for saving a fortune! :+1:

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Good for you well done! Have you told the company I called for you.

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Hi, they actually never called me but if they do i will let them know, thanks again for reaching out and helping!

Good you did it yourself. I’ve contacted the company and told them.

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Coming in late on this, my comment is ‘terrible’ but glad you sorted it without the exthortion they tried.

Botched work and outfits not calling back seems the norm these days. Local so called artisams seem to do what they want when they want. I’d like to say it is only in France, but the UK is no better judging by my recent dealings…

I’ve not needed to call out a locksmith here in France. However, in Madeira, my home for twenty-three years there was a true locksmith who could open anything. Destroying a door is not the work of a locksmith. Unfortunately it is probably unwise to sue him. It would take too long and would probably cost more in legal fees than the cost of a new door. I leave a spare set of keys to my property with a trusted neighbour.

Hi Tony - I have just read this thread. They have a scheme. A good friend of mine had to deal with them. They charged her 3,000 for unblocking her clogged bath. Is there any chance we could connect? Many thanks