Log burner fan

It’s got a clip, so I normally just clip it to the side of the log basket


Thanks Mark. Looks straightforward ( and I just love those Godin woodburners :smiley: ) so I’ll have a go with the fans I’ve got and see what happens…

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That’s the best approach… give it a whirl… :rofl: :rofl: with whatever fans you got… perched here and there…

You’ll possibly come up with a good set-up without spending money… (always a bonus situation)

Mark - I had a Godin very like the one in your picture. Over time, I noticed that the CO monitor in that room was giving increasingly higher readings when the fire was lit. I discovered that the steel body was badly corroded behind the cast Godin badge and fumes were leaking out of the perforated steel.

I suggest you regularly inspect yours to make sure it’s not suffering from the same problem.

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So that’s why I fall asleep :sleeping: !

No, mines fine thanks and I do check regularly. I fall asleep because it makes the room too warm sometimes, then I wake up freezing cold when the bloody things gone out