Looking to get new puppy

We found our wonderful dog at the SPA in 2001 aged 6-9 months making her 13+ now. She is a Berger des Pyrennees ?sp but not pure. She has been our best dog ever…pretty affectionate funny etc…and I will be devastated when we have her no more. Good luck with your search.


Here's one of the breeders I found


You might find this site useful. It allows you to search for breeders by breed and region etc and is run with the support of Royal Canin. I did a search for bichon bolonese and could come up with only two listings for France. I can see why you might like one.

Sure Catherine, in the end it is a very personal decision. But some people don't even know that there are also pedigrees in the shelters...

And even pure breeds sometimes come out of very dubious breeding factories, nothing too brilliant.

No harm do, right?

I absolutely take those points on board but please people, lets not SFN degenerate into one of 'those' sites (!) where people dare not post about wanting / owning pedigree dogs for fear of being shot down in flames. People want specific breeds for all types of reasons!

Catharine (the proud owner of SFN rescue dog Lafayette and "aristocratic pedigreed up the ying yang" Hector!) x

Yes pls do go for a puppy from a refuge. There you may also find pure pedigrees at times. There is just so much misery around and hundreds of dogs are killed each day, perfectly healthy and for no other reason than that
no one wants them…

That must have been so hard, losing your collie after so many years. I see she was a cross (all of mine are crossed with something and sometimes I seriously wonder what). Unless you're after a pedigree, please try the SPA and Second Chance first. They're bursting at the seams at the moment so I hope you don't mind but I've attached links (I hope) to the Aveyron ones. There are numerous other refuges too. Good luck.