Macron's solution for cost of living - any better ideas?

The difference between France and other European nations is that, since EDF is 84% state owned, the Élysée Palace gets to decide whether the electricity price cap remains for all as is or is based on household income.

Obviously, natural gas and oil prices are beyond France’s control, but the amount of fuel duty and TVA charged could be reduced to ease the French population’s pain through the coming period of inflation.

This is France reporting on rising energy bills in UK…

Here in France, there’s capping and financial aid for consumers… not seen any champagne anywhere yet, though… :rofl:


4% increase in School Aid for the lower incomes … to help re high cost of living…

Frankly, re Cost of Living Increases… there’s no easy answer… in whichever Country…
Each government will have their own agenda… and will do what they feel is best.

Here in France, Macron’s efforts are being closely watched from all sides of the political battlefield…

Guess the Germans will be burning anthracite from the Black Triangle to stay warm this winter.

and his ratings are increasing to boot…

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Good old propaganda IMO. The ever popular ploy, “Things are shitty here, but are worse (or soon will be) in…. “Fill n the blank”.

That’s not to say there aren’t tough times ahead for all of us, but I think this is just a woeful attempt to deflect from zero action, much less decisive action, in rudderless Britain.

Nadine again :roll_eyes: What more can ne say?


Dozy Dorries - hell bent on destroying the UK for the love of de Pfeffle :roll_eyes:


…not really as much of the article was built round French politicians and business community commenting about the problems France is facing and that Macron’s measures, whilst reducing pain in short term, come wth a bill that would eventually presented. Some of the UK press can and does present a balaced view and isn’t all of DM or DT hue.

Come on :roll_eyes::joy:. Nine out of ten cats…

“ threats to Russian gas supplies, which account for 17 per cent of French needs” vs the imports of 50% of gas for the UK.

Plus the snide comment on Macron being on holiday, in Country while old Bojo is scratching his arse, on his second break in a month, near his wife beating Dad’s place in Greece.


That’s surely a “when harry met sally” restaurant scene moment

When the lady at the end says “I’ll have what she’s having”
Bleeding priceless

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Interesting read

From what I have read the storage facilties are at 80% (ahead of planned supplies) and companies that use a lot of gas are making/implementing plans to use less/share resources or in case of BASF relocate their fertilizer production to the US.