Magazines about France

Just need for the link - the gclid bit is your “google click id” used for tracking and targeted ads - having “yours” propagate around won’t harm you exactly but you might get some weird “targeted” ads if it propagates through links such as the one above.

There are few cheap little pleasures as good as sitting en terrasse at a café reading their copy of the paper while you drink your coffee(s) :slightly_smiling_face:


If you read a magazine about a subject you are familiar with - or are interested in - then your comprehension will improve.

We subscribe to a couple of quarterlies, which isn’t too expensive.

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I used to take Gardening… Cookery… and La Vie d’Auto… regularly…
gives a good, all round… glimpse.

you could consider signing up to Readly as a French email/addy. Many magazines in all interest areas across countries, to choose from at a flat fee per month covering all. For France some key magazine groups are missing, but there’s plenty there.

If you sign up from a particular country it’s possible there are a few mags which are only accessible to readers who.sign up from that country.

Best to just set up an account or take a free trial, look around you should get one for 3 months offered (may be around the third suggestion they send you). Defo not just 1 month.

Pressreader is similar and sometimes airlines give a short period of access with flights. Personally I prefer Readly as it has better coverage for my interests across countries for car and motor stuff and access to the Australian Women’s Weekly which has great recipes.