Making a complaint to the mairie

Please explain how the sentences contradict ?
I am trying to understand how a person can know whether or not I was undeclared ? I meant that I would not pursue the matter with that person. However I would like to know how and where he obtains information on other people’s affairs, and how factual are his sources ? So I know how to conduct and protect myself in France in this sort of situation

As a medical professional I wonder, is that how you spoke to your patients : “sort your head out” ? If a doctor said that to me I would certainly look for a more sympathetic practitioner.

Local people are often interested in job opportunities. And if nothing has been advertised but someone starts work then conclusions will be drawn. It is also common that there is more curiosity about immigrants than long term french people, so something to get used to. I am always amazed how people know things, but it is the way of life in small places the world over.


I’m retired from professional life and you aren’t my patient, but I’m sorry for letting my irritation overcome me and using brusque words, Veronica.

I hope you do get to a better place soon.


Veronica, Ignorance of the strict employment laws in France are unfortunately no excuse!
You can always read the up to date Dalloz Code du Travail in most local libraries and can be read on the internet.

No one has a duty to tell you that you are breaking the law, but they are under a obligation to inform the authorities if they know of any person who is breaking the law.

Veronica just accept that you made a mistake and let sleeping dogs lie.