Manosque - good place to live?

You’ll have to go and look at all these places yourself (bearing in mind that all places can be quite different at different times of day).
If you like mountains or more dramatic scenery, you might prefer to go a bit further north towards Sisteron or Digne. If you prefer Provencale style villages and countryside, you might like the area around Forqualquier or over towards Valensole. If you want to be be able to get to bigger cities like Aix and Marseille quickly, you might prefer Manosque or a bit further south, there’s Vinon or Pertuis.
I believe there are British expats in the Forqualquier area, but not much in the other places.

Hello PBS -
Excellent advice - I thank you for your efforts. Am glad I’m spending at least three weeks on this recon journey. And maybe I’ll need to come back later to finalize things. I’d like to complete my move by mid-March 2023. I’m working with a relocation agency to help smooth things out - I’m already collecting the mountain of documents that the French seem to love!

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I feel I might be a few months late on this thread. My sister lives in Manosque since ages. No one has mentioned that one of Europe’s bigger research projects is at ITER down the road. My brother in law works there a nuclear physicist. So there is quite a big population of internationals living in the region and as this is a long term project it spans generations. The international school of ITER is at Manosque making it popular for families. For whatever reasons other places are preferred to Manosque. Fourcalquier is popular and nice. My experience is that it’s an area of big distances with not much in between.

Better late than never. Thanks very much for your thoughts