Moles in gardens

I suspect that might be illegal, but trust me, I won’t tell anyone!

So did we, but the buggers just popped up elsewhere which is why we admitted defeat and got a professional in.

Oh dear… Please don’t do it… :open_mouth: :frowning: :wink:

we had diese-dumpers back in UK… tipped it into the ditch and took the council a lot of effort to get it cleared up.

Meanwhile, we had to drink bottled water as there was possibility it would pollute the underground water and our well… :roll_eyes: :slightly_frowning_face:

hi…its some time ago since i started the thread …and I tried several alternatives to the explosive option, but none worked.
so i bought one and within three days used three capsules and now no moles!
sad but effective and now I just have to deal with the holes left in the lawn.

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They’ll be back…


Shouldn’t have posted this…tempted fate…came back yesterday so out came the Le Detaupuer again!

They have come back with the wet weather again, I’ve given up for this season, and have allowed them free rein until next spring.

For the past eight Springs I’ve used Chasse les Taupes crystals; pour

I tried all sorts including bangers down their holes and nearly 3 tonnes of water to flood them out. In the end I found that peeing down their holes worked. (easier for guys.) Or you can save up your wee in some receptacle and let it go really stinky - then pour it down.
They’ve packed their bags and moved to the nearby woods - so that’s OK.

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I had a real problem which is why I originated the thread…sorry to say I eventually invested in le detauper and in recent months been a lot better…but I have used 12 bangers in a year!

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We got rid of our current incumbents with a “detaupeur” - only solution we’ve found so far that actually works for us.

With 1½ hectares and close woodland to manage, the only option in the end for us was to admit defeat and get a professional in which has been an enormous success.

Very sensible. With the extra bit we bought a couple of years back we are still less than an acre (and to be honest, it’s a bit much!)

A few years back we had a terrible problem with them, garden resembling Normandy trenches. Although I would very much like to have left them, with so many guests I had to do something.
The shallow runs are the feeding ones, their deeper habitats are where they live aroind 70-100cm deep.
I used the poison bombs you drop into the runs, the deeper ones if possible. Very high success rate as the smoke spreads throughout the network of tunnels.
Not really had a major problem since.
The poison smoke bombs worked so well the EU has probably banned them by now.


We had a few a couple of years back - I came to the conclusion that, although they were a pain, there probably wasn’t a solution which would work with visits only once every 6-12 weeks (oh, the days).

They left of their own accord - they only live 2-3 years and the next generation tends to move away from the parental runs. I suspect there is a local snake population (not that I’ve seen any) which helped.

Last year the problem was ant mounds hidden by the long grass.

Who knows what I’ll find if I manage to get over the week after next.

@anon88169868 …good luck, some friends of our who normally flip over every three months arrived today via Roscoff …but now will have to manage the 90 day limits

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