Moving but to where?

IHello Robert,

I agree with Martin above - the Limousin is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest areas in France. There are real bargains to be had there - why is it so cheap - possibly because it's a long way from any sea. If you want to go South, the Ariege is worth looking at - on the edge of the Pyrenhees, skiing in the winter not too far away, the med coast an hour+ away - beautiful scenery. Toulouse and Carcassonne airports, accessible. Ryanair flights via the latter can cost as little as 40eu return to London Stansted.

As Martin Cooper states above the Limousin is a really cheap area and one of the cheapest in France. You can find really competitive prices there. Why so cheap - possibly because it's landlocked and a long way from any sea. If you can accept that - there are real bargains to be found. If you want to go South - look in the Ariege on the edge of the Pyrenhees, not too far from Med. and also good for skiing in winter and beautiful countryside.

Don’t worry this is easily possible in limousin, have a look, on leboncoin.

I think you are getting generally good advice here but would also bear in mind that some people have property that they want to sell! You have a house in spain so why not look nearer to the med...more than your 5hr drive from the uk but easy and quick access into spain. Where I live is great and I don't have a house to sell...plently of airports just about an hours drive. If I was you and your wife renting is a good idea but what I'd do is get me a camper van and explore a bit maybe that 5 hrs from a ferry port isn't everything...five hour drive plus a couple of hours on a ferry or 2hrs on a plane from further south...don't forget altitude where I live I virtually never see snow but my friends who live 100m higher get plenty...It's whatever YOU are looking for and that is what you have to find you can only do that if you make a decision based on stuff you know...France is huge!

If you know the general area you like, check out leboncoin for maison a vendre… It’s the way alot of houses are sold…good luck.

Well as you can see ask the question where to live and you get a 1000 answers i live in the Tarn a couple we know have just sold up after living in a small village in the Montagne Noire and moved to Brittany a small 2 bed with garden very good condition 50,000€ found on There has been enough said on here without adding to it but try looking on may give you a few ideas of houses for sale privately without going through the estate agents and cutting out their exorbitant fees

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Strange little course Dave, I think it's 'run' by the commune. Must admit i've never seen many people use it. I tried it once and that was enough for me ! Quite a different climate in your part of the Limousin of course as the massif Central approaches. Over here on the western extremity it's mild in comparison tho' not as 'rural'. Gueret is a nice enough place tho' I suppose Limoges would be the best bet for hospitals etc ?

Peter Yes there is although I have never seen anybody on it!

Lovely area Dave, is there still a small golf course in Bourganeuf ?

Probably the steepest course in the world !

Hi Bob - Someone may have answered you as I have not read all the posts. I fell in love with Bourganeuf in July 2011 its a quiet, sleepy town in the Limosin where we have now lived for 3 years. They have a Carrefours and Aldi for food shopping and a reasonable DIY shop and two builders merchants. More choice for everything else is 25mins away in Gueret. Apologies for any spelling mistakes!

We are surrounded by beautiful,green and hilly country side,perfect for our dog, and us.

The weather can be extreme, but generally it a brilliant climate, it has been equated to the Lake District in the UK.

Personally I do not use the ferry ports, any travel is by air Limoges Airport is 1 hour away or the long stretch to the tunnel.

It has a general market once a week.

We purchased a one bed, detached, small-house in 2011 for circa 60,000€ prices have not moved much in the last 4 years they may have even gone down a bit. So your budget seems reasonable for this area.

Try to find something done as getting work carried out is a pain ( I wont go there!) and materials are, in my opinion, expensive. Its enough to decorate and sort out the garden!

Have a look at Bourganeuf (or any where else you fancy) on street view.

Hope this helps and Bonne Chance.


and a harsh reality... :-O

“Frost pocket”… that’s sheer poetry…

Very good advice that! What seems idyllic in June, all butterflies, flowers and chilled white wine can be a murky, damp, frost pocket that sees no sun for some months in the winter. Cabin fever is common, even amongst the locals. Also be very wary of rivers, streams, water meadows etc. A good French storm can swiftly wash away all your illusions. (In the Uk there is a flooding database not sure if there is one here and I live on top of a 250 metre hill) Check internet speeds. Be wary especially of boundaries, rights of way etc. Neighbour disputes between Brits and their Breton neighbours are endemic.

I am in the Cher - you can get houses within your budget round here and in the Nievre. I am 5 hours drive from Calais. I have a guest apartment if you want to stay and look around. It is a lovely area.

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Yep, spot on.

you're also best to come out in winter to see what it's like year round ;-)

why not winter in Spain and summer in the UK - best of both worlds ;-)

Of course there are many cases like that. Round here there are even some Brits who literally left having abandoned their houses, which then gradually rotted away to disappear into the Breton countryside. Mind you plenty of French/Bretons have done that too. Population of our village was 3000+ now it's 808. It would be about 700 if the Brits weren't here; the population increased for the first time since just before the First World War last year. The village school is still going (10% of the children are British). Please also bear in mind that it is possible to find the right place very quickly (I did in the village 43 years ago) and just sometimes a spur of the moment impulsive decision can be right. Indecision is not a very happy state.

dead money perhaps, but it could be money very well spent if you get it wrong and are lumbered with a house that you will lose money on and which may take years (the norm in France) to sell. Plenty here will be able to tell you of slashed prices and still no sale five years on (my Dad's case)...! food for though Mrs Norton ;-)

Sounds like an intelligent lady Robert.

Renting is ok once you have fixed on an area but in the meantime you need to look around and do some 'leg-work' especially if you don't know your preferred area. Visit an area, find a hotel and drive around and maybe visit a few properties to see what you can get for your money (or not). Once you feel comfy in that area go about renting a property with a view to finding our dream home. France is a big place and areas can change dramtically in the space of 50 kms.