Moving but to where?

Peru? If it is that good why are you not there now?

Thank you Frances I’m not going to mention specific figures in an open forum. But my wife wants to move to France and she is selling her English house to buy a house in France anything left over will be for holidays and things like that
Our living and day to costs will be paid by me just as they are in Spanish property costs me very little I paid cash for it so no Mortgage etc
I understand your concerns and I have seen it many times people moving out living the life of Riley then scraping by a year or so down the line. Or even selling at a loss and going back to the UK.
My Spanish place is worth a third of what I paid for what it’s my home not an investment

Bob, don't forget to add on the Notaires costs of buying onto your purchase cost and be sure that the price advertised includes or excludes the agents fees (which can be significant).

I would definitely recommend picking an area and renting before buying, it may be easier to rent a gite out of season as it can be hard to get a French rental contract and the bonus of a gite is that it is furnished.

We currently are living in a gite whilst we renovate our house. Our renovation includes new reinforced concrete floors, stairs, reinforcement of foundations and creating new openings before we can start on insulation, rewiring and plumbing.

Another thing to bear in mind with renovation is the m2 of the property. Will you be renovating it yourself or using artisans?

If you already have a property in Spain which you like then I would not consider buying another place in France. Most of the south of France can be very hot in the Summer and not much different from Spain in that respect. I live just north of Toulouse and sometimes in the Summer I stay indoors most of the day because of the heat. If you move into the north of France then you might just as well stay in the UK because the weather is the same.

I would think with your budget you are asking for trouble. It seems a bit incoherent that you think you can survive on income from properties but you have only 110,000 for your new home. Of course, I don't know your full situation, just that there are so many stories of Brits coming over and getting in the merde because they make assumptions.

Maybe you could build something cheap on a plot of land but even that would seriously stretch your budget. No doubt some have done what you are wanting to do and I hope you can pull it off but do be careful. The risks are great.

5 hours from a ferry port is vague and deliberately so, I don't really mind where I cross La Manche

and then i'm happy to drive for about 5 hours and more and I won't really enjoy it

when I drove from spain I drove solidly for 18 hours stopped around Bordeaux then slept overnight and finished the journey on day 2, I don't wish to do that anymore and the wife would not be happy either

Thank you Gerald, the wife says France, so France it is

pity as my place in Spain is lovely but she won't live there at least not in the summer

I would have a rethink, if I were you and move to Peru. Nice and cheap and free health care. Chose one of the towns or villages on the ocean.

Hello Robert,

We found our property at the value of €29,000, which includes 12,000 m2, in the Dept of Creuse, in Limousin. The property was in a quite bad (visually bad) state and needs about €60,000 renovation. The kind of renovation included a partly collasped ground floor however, the structural part of the house is good. The house is in a very small hamlet, 7km from the nearest town.

Hope this is helps you with your research.

Good luck,


We are in the 37, three hours from Caan to home and almost in the Loire Valley. Lovely area and an easy drive to most places from here (2.5 hours to Bordeaux).

Not too sure what you would get for 110 but Sainte Maure de Touraine could be a good starting point. They have a lovely market and prices seem to be reasonable there.

Good luck with your search.

I do not think it is a case of nobody wanting to help but where to live is a very subject matter. You really have to get yourself over here and look around. Least the bank account will not be a problem. And 5 hours from a ferry port is a bit vague Calais or Le Havre makes a vast difference to the area you can look at.

Sorry Bob, my reply was not aimed at you.

Good luck with your planned move.

Thank you for another reply Dave

We already have a joint account in France, there will be hurdles when I lived in Spain I was a moderator on a similar and in the main members did try to help other people, for example schools for kids, opening accounts, driving on an english licence in spain, numerous questions

I only had one, budget 110,00 Euros cash because we aren't looking for a mortgage, max 5 hours driving from ferry, would anyone say which areas are reasonable expensive etc to narrow our search, if no one wants to help thats fine

Why so Negative Michael

all i'm asking is for ideas on particular areas, without looking in your profile, I have no idea if you live in France or not

we are hoping someone will come on and say yes where I live is lovely and quite reasonable, we are not asking a difficult question, estate agents live on their comission, I am hoping for the views from actual people who live in France

Last comment for a while is get a bank account asap. Without one you are up the proverbial creek.

Well done Dave Thornley, i cannot see many other people replying to Bobs post.

It is a good idea to rent. If nothing else it will awaken you to what "living" in France is all about because it is a million miles away from the fortnight holiday in summer that most base their moving on.

Think you are getting the measure of what you may be facing.

Thank you dave I did notice that about locations

I was trying to marry up locations with broadband availability, no chance lol

I may well find that with the estate agents, let see, I would be perfectly happy renting for a few months and go from there, that was the advice I always gave on people wishing to move to Spain

there was one i was really keen on and only after a week or so I was told it is on a fast main road with no fencing and that was in reply to my saying my grand daughter is 4 and would be spending the summer holidays with us. I may not have even been told about it until I saw it in real life

If you are dealing via french estate agents seeing 10 in a week will be fun as they will try to show you anything apart from what you have specified as meeting your needs! One great problem is that most are paranoid when it comes to disclosing the location of the property.