My landlord dies & the heirs refuse succession - What do I do?

I had no idea at all, how to discover who owned the stubby little island, that was only a little part of a larger parcel, in the river, between two communes. I had zero money either, at that time, but a young fellow, do you want his name?, …was a French property expert, who speaks perfect English. After all …his bill came to about 2000 Euros, plus the 1 euro for the seller. I can’t remember exactly, but for a whole island with Zen effects, like pools and streams, lots of rocks and Roman(?) remains, plus rich local history, it was a real snip. It tends to disappear under the flood, in winter, but resurfaces after a few days, with an extra heap of washed up, dead timber, for my rocket stove supply, and a new shape.

How many square metres (approx) is the Fiefdom of Leuersania, and how much above median water level?

How do you cross to the ‘mainland’? A giant leap? Waders? A fallen tree trunk that straddles the stream? By plastic boat?
Semi-submerged rocks?

It’s all very adventurous and imaginative.

I imagine the microclimate is quite humid?

A simple sketch-map would be helpful.

Just curious :thinking::grinning:!

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@Peter_Goble:joy: …they have some good ideas in Japan, one is… public booths, for buzzing crockery at a brick wall. …so …everyone with a gripe or grievance, with a few spare yen, can pay for a heap of cracked china, and work off their Darkest Phlegm/Ire/Fury… thinking about whatever/whoever it was, who might be held responsible, for their last, deep purple mood.
If you are going to put effort into encouraging me to write, then at the same time, you should start a new topic… Something like…a Buzz Your Busted China HERE!..with permissions/ agreements, to name offenders, maybe? Anyone who gets right up tight, inside anyone’s nose?
A free for all, " Bash that Barmy Poster here!" topic.
I got my 100 yens worth of crocks, but they were much too nice to throw at the wall. One is a little saki bottle, with a blue dragonfly.
Yeah! Its lovely, the island. I can tell you how big it was, but the beauty of Green Nature, long before concrete and Leroy Merlin/Mr Brico…, is that there’s never one fragment of a nano second, that is the same as the fragment before it. :smiley:

It’s the lively-lovely response I expected from you, Jeanette. You know that in most men (I think) there is an instinct to measure, manipulate and generally mess around with nature in all its forms: it’s in our ‘nature’, and it won’t be easily tamed.

And why should one need to try too hard to suppress it, if it be exercised respectfully of others’ rights, and with parsimony. And so long as men clear up after themselves, and clean and oil their tools.

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…mm, surely looks that way. No bang, no whimper, just a mountain of garbage, and go easy on the oil, folks.