Need some advice on form 3916-bis

Hello. Although in previous years I have listed my UK based accounts on a separate piece of paper,
it seems that this year (for the first time) this option is not being mentioned, pushing me to fill out 3916 3916 bis for everything.
A few questions to start.

  1. Current accounts/ savings accounts in Part 3, I believe
  2. I also have some ISAs, and an AVIVA ‘flexible investment bond’. Must all of these accounts be placed in Part 7 (Information relative au contrat de capitalisation ou placements…)
  3. Apart from my current bank account, I have not touched any of the other funds since leaving the UK many years ago. What information about each must I include, and where?
  4. How to explain that although the flexible bond has some aspects of a life insurance policy, it is not exactly the same as ‘assurance vie’?

Also, on Part 7 of 3916 bis, there are some things I need help/advice on.
‘Montant total des opérations de versements des primes effectuées en cours d’année’ (what exactly does this mean?
‘Le cas échéant, valeur de rachat ou montant du capital garanti, y compris sous forme de rente, au 1er janvier de l’année concernée…’ Are they asking us to explain what would have been the value of the account if it had been completely withdrawn by me on 1 jan 2021? What is the sense o ‘le cas écheant’ which I take to mean where necessary/ if applicable?

Hi RICROM and welcome to SF
Take a look at my guide here since that shows how to complete the cerfa 3916 forms.
If you have a large number of accounts to declare and you are doing so still by paper returns, a separate list can still be included (it mentions such in the Fisc notes) so nothing has changed there. The online version allows you to fill in up to 99 accounts - if you have more than that… hummm.
After looking at the guide, if there are more questions, please feel free to come back and ask.

Thanks to graham. I can see that the guide put out is really useful. As it happens I will be doing my declaration on paper. I have specific questions about filling in Part 7 of 3916/3916 bis, as I mentioned in the original post. I am one of those people who has made no additional payments/ withdrawals into these accounts since leaving the UK - What information are they looking for? Amount of annual growth? / current value of accounts?

The paper version and the online are basically the same cerfa format so looking at the graphics which came from the online version should effectively be the same for the paper one. Certainly the information required is the same.

ISTR there has been some discussion about this elsewhere and whilst there is a place on the form, it becomes only significant when the asset is realised. If you leave it blank and the Fisc want the info, I’m sure they will press you for it.

OK thanks, so it seems that they are asking for a list of account names, account contact details, but not specific figures, particularly not if I have left the accounts untouched. Would that be a reasonably fair summary of things?


Yes, essentially that. Once declared, they can match - if they so wish - your data to the declared stuff from the entity concerned. It mainly concerns money laundering tracking, identity and verifications.

I include nothing beyond the basics of address - account numbers etc. Some of the dates are simply a long winded way of saying when were they opened.

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and in many cases, the actual date is long forgotten (as in our case) so we make a reasoned stab at it.
I think it’s more significant in circumstances where the account is recently opened and/or closed.

Sorry I should have added in for assurance vie / life insurance where the actual guidance - when it was opened - is shorter than the question.

The rest - yep vague guess as to date - if it was pre France it’s largely irrelevant anyway.

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