Neighbors just passed an electricity cable on sidewalk in front of our property

Over the years, we came to identify the families in our village who were (from time to time) short of funds.

They never asked for money, but one of more of the children would ring the bell and ask if I could spare some eggs/butter/flour/milk … whatever. Of course, I obliged and they did (occasionally) offer a 20 cents as payment, which I refused.

After about the 5th time, I mentioned this (in my best French) to a neighbour who was Deputy Maire… and she smiled. Ah yes, Stella, they ask at my door too. They know who will give and who will see them off with a curt word. Thus I decided it was a compliment to be asked… :upside_down_face::grinning:

You did the right thing, speaking with your Maire. He will look into it and keep an eye on the situation, getting back to you as and when.


It’s done. No visit at the Marie. We waited since those guys seems really like on super low income and they have a child. So after two weeks from the day we came back to France the bloody cable is finally gone.