New accounts considered as "foreign" to be declared on 3916

Hi I’m new to this forum and I have searched around but can’t see anywhere that someone explains how to declare a PayPal account on the online form, given that Paypal accounts don’t have account numbers? My account is used only for online purchases but its backed by a UK bank account not a French one so I believe it has to be declared but I don’t know how to?

Hello Jane and welcome to Survive France.

I am in the same situation as you and couldn’t put the only Paypal identifier in the account number box since it wouldn’t take an email address (numbers and letters only). What I did was put “inconnu” on the account number and an explanation in the notes just before submitting.
@Graham_Lees had a good alternative suggestion which was to put the email address in the account number replacing e.g."." with the word “point” etc.

Thank you